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  1. You can eyeball the ring on the car, before pulling axle, If it's a Broken reluctor ring on one of the rear axles, easy fix, pull axle, and remove crack ring from it's slot, clean slot, and replace, I hope this helps, my rings are so corroded, I'm replacing mine, I bought 2008 car, with bad engine, I know some would think that's stupid, I'm checking every thing in the rear, before installation of another 2015 engine with only 5k miles, these cars need tempture gauge, not tempture light, if belt pops off water pump pulley, you trash the engine, I love my car, and have never driven it,
  2. Hello, does anyone recognize this car and do you know the size tires and the rims and the fender flares on this car, i'm hooked on the low-profile car,