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  1. I hope this was helpful. Symptom were : hard starting / stalling at low rpms / intermittent bucking while under light accel / no start for 1 to 5 minutes. ( All this without setting any codes ) Diagnosis : Finally set a hard code and engine light stayed on. P0335 Oem German made part is approx $52 Canadian + taxes almost anywhere online. Mercedes is asking $190 for the same part.
  2. The most difficult part was removing the connector from the sensor. I was able to remove it with the sensor then use the long nose pliers to squeeze and separate the sensor from the connector. There is not very much room at all and the harness is short, therefor the use of 2 long nose pliers was needed.
  3. This blog to be referred to once you have properly diagnosed a faulty crankshaft sensor (2005 - 2006 smart cdi) model only. Follow the diagrams. Note it was not an easy task but "NOTHING" else was needed to be removed in order to replace the crankshaft sensor. A good flash light is a must. You will also need to raise the rear of the vehicle to gain access from the bottom. (If you are a shop and have a lift it will simplify things)