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  1. The best of the best! Knowledge and integrity. Thank you Troy

    Mario H Castillo Sr 💑

  2. Looking for rear hub bearings, front struts. Service manual. *Trying to avoid MB
  3.    Start there

    1. Charlito


      Thank you.  I found the problem. A mechanic from MB fix the wires on the SAM (fuse) box. The car is working again. No l have to replace the front and rear hub bearings, front struts....  but l am glad that l found a professional mechanic, honest. MB told me that l have to replace the SAM $1,600 plus labor  $2,100. I almost die. The mechanic is Troy Wilson in Williamsburg, Ontario 45 minutes from Ottawa. ✔

  4. A great place to belong aND learn about Smart cars. Thank you for accepting my membership.  💝

  5. I have 2005 Smart diesel that suddenly don't start. Any good mechanic in Ottawa.  I am in Manotick