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  1. I am a new member of Evolution site. My cltuch actuator is kaput, a new one was order today. Thank yo for all your help
  2. HI Tolsen. Thank you for your help and link to Evolution. No a new member on Evolution site.
  3. I read a post now. So I need to get the pin retracted. So I will keep posted in a few days now
  4. Yes I know it can only fit one way. But at 3AM in the morning I did not pay atention and the fly wheel was the one I put incorrect. Now I understand way you asking me to check the timing with the strobe light. Do you know if the clutch actuator nee to be fit in with the pint completle out or with the pin rectacted. My actuator has the pin completely out.
  5. Hello everyone At last the engine started. The ingnition timing on the flywheel was incorrect. That's why I should ot work at 3AM. Now my cltutch actuator is not working. I guess is kaput. So I will fin a new one or a use one. Thank to all for helping me al the way. Best.
  6. Ok Thank all for the help. I will get the a strobe light. Best
  7. Tolsen How can I change the ingnition timing on a Smart? I konw the Flywheel to Cranshaft Mount only can fit one way. But could I mes up the position of the Flywheel crank position sensore ring? Best Alvaro
  8. Tolsen How can I change the ingnition timing on a Smart? Best Alvaro
  9. All three read the same. All are working Not stuck or clogged. I will check the tapets tomorrow. They might be stuck and the valves do not seal properly. I have check the timing a lot now. I am going to guess valve seal problems
  10. Hi Tolsen My injectors reading 17.3 Ohms. I have the light blue. I know they should read 14.5 Ohms. Is this mean: are the injectors bad? Best
  11. No. I do not own one. But I will see if I can borrow one.
  12. Hi Tolsen The oil trick did not work. The knock sensore could be the problem? Or it work only after the engine start? The car backfire at the intake when I crank it Best
  13. Hi Tolsen Thank for your advice. I will try on tuesday and let you know. Best
  14. Hi, the car did not start. I will take appart the engine aggain to see way we have 9bar of pressure. Should I need to buy new head gasket? Best.
  15. Timing Mark on cranshaft pulley lines with Mark on timing change cover check. Arrow on cam shaft sprocket pointing vertically up check.