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  1. Seems you are right on another point @cadillacman the sam has no water damage it doesn't seem to ever even get dust inside let alone water it's clean as clean can be so thanks for the test procedure but I needed to see for myself as for the area that it could leak it's plain to see if there was condensation it would defiantly drip on the sam because I can see right up to the windshield and side window through the dash
  2. Pretty sure I have run up against a problem here that is going to require the 3 hour drive to access to a star machine and paying to find out which sensor may be faulty or have faulty.wiring . I have run current through the harness to a very heavy drawing sealed beam head lamp and it lit on every wire that I was able to access from the ecm plug to its sensors I have done all I know to do thanks Tolson for all your help and suggestions however I can't fix wiring that is able to carry a 55 watt load . Cadillac man thank you also but I think I need to spend 6 hours of driving on this issue hopefully euroworks can isolate the sensor causing this error .
  3. Do you not think that a sealed beam headlight 55 watts is sufficient current draw to test the wires from the ecu to the sensors???
  4. I did this by supplying 12.5 volts to a headlight through the wires of the harness from the ecu I am sure very similar to what you described and if these wires will light a sealed beam headlamp to full brightness they can't be broken
  5. Ok I guess I have hit the wall I pulled the harness again and checked the wiring again by supplying power from the main plug to each sensor plug and every one carried steady voltage . I also noticed when I used the code reader in the drop down from the po702 code there was a sub code of c1330 again some posts have pointed to brake light switch but that seems to be functioning as usual . Another post referred to input speed sensor I am totally lost in searching for that one is that the same as rpm sensor because that appears to be looking for engine rpm as per its positioning or am I missing something
  6. So how did it go have you managed to fix your random shifting issue or was the pierced wire you fixed preventative measure to be appreciated later ? I have been driven around the bend and back by mine clicking through gears on startup but I guess the saving grace is that I have been able to drive it with no other issues . Anxiously awaiting your next update.
  7. Yup once it establishes n it starts like a champ drives equally well . It doesn't seem to effect it besides being annoying . But I know something happened at some point because fuel countdown is gone and it's reading ferenheit for the temp . I am just guessing here but seems it's lost it sam programming ???
  8. Oh and yes it lives outside
  9. Ok check check and check shifted to N then to 1 then to N then to reverse then to N then to 1 followed by 2 then to N the transmission showed shifting from 2 then to 1 then to N and I could hear it shift down . So your saying its most likely not a wet Sam if I understand correctly ? Any idea what to try next ? I have been trying to get a used angle sensor but haven't yet done so . The weather has been miserable so I haven't got mine off again yet but when it was off all of the contacts were shiney where visible and the plug was super clean . It runs and shifts good and I have only had 2 incidences of 3 bars and that was after shutting it off in reverse if I shut it down in neutral it just clicks through the gears then finds Neutral then off we go. Shifts smooth engages good auto shift works all I really notice is a momentary dimming of the dash when I apply the brakes I assume this is because of the lights being activated and the actuator pulling in the clutch maybe??
  10. Correct I am give or take a few mins off of 3 hours from the tec he is in Halifax. The weather has been all over the map here and it's been tough working on the smart because of.the weather but I have a really good mechanic and he has let me use his shop to replace the alternator after the top bolt fell out and jumped around until it snapped the charge cable. So now I have a new cable new alternator and all new belts. Just getting frustrated by this clicking of the transmission ghost shifting before it will allow me to start it
  11. As for the angle sensor I am going to pull that off again and test it it was super clean like your spare but I didn't know how to test it so that will be next step. I talked at great length with a mb mechanic today that suggested I remove the Sam and clean it because it doesn't seem to click through the gears until the interior has started to thaw and he suspects water in the sam? Every post I have read thus far has indicated this problem to not being Sam related but I guess it wouldn't hurt to see its condition. And another thing that needs a dressing is the fact that the temp is showing in ferenheit and the fuel countdown is not working and if I understand correctly.from other posts that is because the battery went dead last winter for an extended period could this be so?
  12. Ok battery is at 12.6 key on 12.2. Post start after alternator has kicked in 14.1 so I suspect this sounds pretty normal
  13. How do you test an angle sensor ?
  14. Ok with some member guidance and help I am starting to figure out the csc site and how to navigate it somewhat better but the problem I have remains with the random shifting when I turn the key on code p0702 transmission problem I have checked the wiring a very good mechanic has tested and checked the wiring and it still takes a tantrum when I turn the key on indicating 6 then R then finally neutral. I am stumped and all I can think of is angle sensor . Any help from someone who has ha this problem is greatly appreciated
  15. Changed my alternator today and found it was missing the top bolt and had 2 breaks in the battery wire fixed all that now I have a spare alternator that's putting out 14 volts if anyone on here is looking for used . Problem still remains is the p0702 code and the random clicking through gears and the display showingn6 then R then finally neutral where do I start now I am thinking angle sensor.