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  1. CDI are not reliable? I was rather drawn to the fuel economy of it, and how it is a lot better than the 2008 Pure. And I drive it just fine on my 2004 Beetle, I heard that the differences in those two cars are not too different, and that the smarts traction control was almost better.
  2. Was creeping and saw that you were from Seaforth (which is the close to the same area I drive frequently). I was wondering if you drive your smart in the winter and how your experience with it is? 

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    2. 800mloffun


      Have you ever felt unsafe in it? 

    3. Huronlad


      The smarts were the first vehicles I owned that had any electronic nannies, so they have been far safer under all conditions to anything I had previously owned.

    4. 800mloffun


      Thank you very much!

  3. Hello everyone! Recently purchased a 2006 Grandstyle 0.8 CDI for my brother about 2 weeks ago, and am thinking of purchasing one for myself (1hr commute on south western ontario highways to Waterloo for school)... Currently own a petrol bug that just seems to drink way too much gas in comparison to the adorable smart car. Thinking of getting a CDI just for fuel mileage even though they are about 11 years old now However I drive a lot on awful roads to get to school and to get to work. Near Waterloo (back country roads) does anyone have any experience ? Also, any advice on safety ratings? My boyfriend is very "large truck" oriented and believes it's a death trap.