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    2005 - 2006 CDI's Cabriolet or Hardtop love them both. Driving a Grandstyle for the winter then my Cabriolet in the spring
  1. Release the A belt, if its not spinning freely, If good check fuel issue easily by releasing fuel line to an injector to verify fuel issue. I like to spray quick start in the air horn which sometimes kicks it into start mode. Ya I know the comments are coming, but it works for me everytime
  2. Send us the link for this £12 on eBay please. I would like to order a few
  3. I don't understand. You remove the injector and place it back loose and have someone turn the engine over to see if the injectors push out? What about the fuel line?. Do you hook it back up or let it piss all over the place? How much pressure do you think is needed to pushout a loose injector? 5psi? 25psi? 100psi? 150psi? Here's an idea. Get a rubber hose with the same OD as the injector, preferably sligthly bigger to get a snug fit, shove it down into the REMOVED injector shaft with a compression gauge attached on the other end. Get another hose (I use a clear vinyl hose you can get from HomeDeposh) attach to the end of the injector to redirect fuel into a jar or rag. This method may not give you an accurate reading but its a lot better. Don't you think?
  4. Carb cleaner won't clean out caked carbon that easily in the EGR chamber. If it doesn't seat properly its failing.Remove the emulator and reinstall a cleaned EGR. Your going around in circles.
  5. I have contacted cruise lift and they suggested it is up to the buyer if they wish to register it with a plate. They do not cassify it as a trailer only as a carrier with a support wheel. Cruise lift suggested that having a plate should make it hassle free.
  6. I'm pretty sure this is not only safer but a better method! Sorry Tolsen!
  7. This looks so dangerous and definitly a traffic hazard just waiting for failure!
  8. What kind of mumbo jumbo are you talking about here? Are you talking about carrying a 1000lb elephant on the back?(baby elephant of coarse) Then you will get some oversteer. Just a tad. You still seem to be unable to grasp the concept Tolsen. Were not trying to carry as much a possible, as you do with your trailer, (5 tons of stone and 50 railway ties) no just bulky items that are too large or cumbersome to fit into the car. Like camping gear, you know, sleeping bags, tent, cooler, packed food, refrigerator, oven, a couple of midgets. A small bear lost from its mother that I captured and training to drive the Smart. That kind of stuff! C'mon get with the program!! Smarty pants!
  9. Ha ha that’s funny! Reminds me of the Trike motorcycles. Now that’s laughable! But all joking aside, it has nothing to do with the skill of reversing a trailer. Its has to do with convenience with a short extension to the car. As GRP151 said " its a cargo carrier" designed to restrict the drawback of a trailer. Jack knifing and being oversized. This cargo carrier has the least amount of inconvenience for storage, ease of maneuverability and small enough to stow away. Driving with a trailer has never been my problem since I own a power boat that I launch every weekend in the summer ( weather permitting.) Now back to the question at hand. Your attempt to redirect the question regarding non swivel vs swivel is still unanswered.
  10. You don't know what you are talking about Tolsen! I've had mine for over 3 years and it is not only safe it is virtually indectable when driving. You may know some things about the Smart but as for the swivel trailer you have no idea what you are saying. Having a non swivel is more dangerouse, it will scrape alone the pavement to complete a turn. If it catch's on a uneven surface or curb while making an extreme turn it could tear off its connection to the car. It will skid and could blow out if the conditions were right.
  11. What kind of oil pressure test kit do you recommend and where do you suggest it to be connected?
  12. 108