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  1. ....a Smart hauling a swivel wheel trailer to spin around with potentially fatal outcome. I would have to disagree with that logic. Dragging a wheel in a turn puts more stress on the mounting pins. What would happen if you hit a pothole in a turn? You could do some structual damage to the connection as well as more wear and tear on the tire. The non swivel is like having a hockey stick sweeping the road left to right as you complete a turn. That tire would go bald very quickly with city driving scraping away the rubber on every turn especially with a heavy load. The swivel put less stress as it doesn't resist movement as a non swivel one would
  2. Well I'm glad the price of these cars are finally going up in value. I think this is a misprint but the other one looks legit. Its one thing for the asking price, its another when or if it sells for that amount!
  3. I like the ground affects! Once you paint it to match the green color it will look complete! Of coarse that is only my opinion
  4. Really! Really! Your not going to share this hidden knowledge that has been kept a secret for the last hundred years!! Well I never! How much cash are we talking here for this piece of info Tolsen?
  5. I think this is a brilliant solution for carrying a small ladder or other large objects by using this rear mount setup and a FOAM front rack instead of a metal one shown here!
  6. What still no reply? Sounds to me like no one really knows this answer
  7. Con's : ~ there can be a small amount of blow-by inside the valve body/cartridge area that 'could' eventually lead to a re-occurrence of the sticking/blocking. Nobody has tried this to determine how much longer this would take than the normal position. Chances are you'll never have the car long enough to know. Just wondering if rotating the cartridge 180 degrees has proven to be successful?
  8. Nigel I'm pretty sure he reads this forum quite frequently. I'll just wait for a reply.
  9. Does this bike rack come with a back plate that needs to be maneuvered up through the body panel after drilling the pilot and bolt hole?
  10. Could you please be a little more specific in the upper mount installation? I found evilutions explanation a wee bit confusing since I have never seen or installed a bike rack on a smart.
  11. I meant to say... What do you charge for labour for the 4-5 hrs it takes to replace?
  12. I wonder if removing your plate from the Smart and attaching it to the carrier would comply with the HTA? Since the intent is to consider it an extention of the vehicle your providing the requirement. No obstruction and clearly visible. You would need to provide a ligh,t to be in compliance, for the evening also. A modified bicycle tail light could work ?
  13. Hello Smart142, I understand you offer mechanical repair services. How much do you charge for labour to replace the starter motor in the 450, since its only a 20 minute job?
  14. After reading all of these post I find that most of the members here are pretty clueless as to what grp151 has been saying. He is creating an extension to the vehicle with a 'support' wheel. Seems pretty obvious. Not a trailer a 'carrier' Grasping this simple concept seems to evade those who have been commenting. The ones who think they know so much are talking about something else attempting to look smart when if fact they show the opposite. I like the idea and will be getting one made.