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  1. I bought 20GB from Tbaytel for $140 ,just data no calling, last year before joining Freedom. It was good for up to one year. I was surprised they use Rogers service in GTA
  2. Have Freedom for over 2 months. Got a promo 10GB for $50. Good service so far.
  3. I've been using a deep cycle gel battery that has no venting. Its been 2 yrs and works amazing even in minus 25 weather
  4. Fob wouldn't respond just as I was trying to lock up while going into Walmart. Good thin g I read this post a few days ago and they had CR1220 for under 2 bucks! Thanks for the info GRP!
  5. If your referring to the ECU it needs to be matched with SAM and Odometer.
  6. Copper washers can be rejuvenated by heating with torch if you can't get to dealership. It swells up the copper and compresses nicely as it is designed to
  7. Electrostatic accumulation from diesel exhaust? Any codes come up?
  8. Not sure who has the trouble reading and comprehending but your link says....(note in red if your not understanding this) Diethyl ether, with a small amount of oil, a trace amount of a stabilizer and a hydrocarbon propellant, has historically[1] been used to help start internal combustion engines because of its low 160 °C (320 °F) autoignition temperature.[2] Some current products sold as starting fluid are mostly volatile hydrocarbons such as heptane, (the main component of natural gasoline) with only a small portion of diethyl ether, and carbon dioxide (as a propellant).[3][4]It is often useful when starting direct injected diesel engines or lean burn spark engines running on alcohol fuel. Some formulations include butane or propane as both propellant and starting fuel. Caution is required when using starting fluid with diesel engines that have preheat systems in the intake or glow-plugs installed, as the starting fluid may pre-ignite, leading to engine damage This means DON'T over do it unless your a moron and a small squirt is NOT going to lead to engine damage!
  9. Looks like you mentioned it and suggested not to do it! Quick start injection starting has been around for over 30 years. GRP151 has been doing it and it sounds like its been working for him You mentioned it and suggested not to???...and whats your point?
  10. First of all diesel are nothing like a petrol motor except for the fact they have 'similar' mechanical parts. Note the word 'similar'. Lower compression, different fuel delivery, no O2 sensors, completely different emission system and exhaust , No electrical ignition, wires plugs and other anomalies that distinguish the difference. That said, there's nothing weird about your heating issue. The main oversight is that air is trapped in the line. I have redone so many vehicles where thermostats have been replaced and still inadequate heat persists. You got the air out and that's why it has improved. Case closed!
  11. What model of Smart do you have? What year? 1998–2007 (MkI) 2007–2014 (MkII) 452?
  12. What is this bilinqual language you speak of professor? Beside alien? Because we all have inalienable rights! In-alien-able. hardy har har har
  13. Now if you lived here in Ontario most of us speak in clarity, not all of us, just the educated ones. If your in need to a communicate a thought, try using words like the ones below. It does improve communication. Sucking on the 'larger' (outlet or inner) pipe of the thermostat , you should maintain a vacuum! Only if this is what you are trying to communicate
  14. Not sure if you understood GRP's question but he asked if you swap odometers will the car still run and if so will it display ------ as an indicator. If you don't know Tolsen why bother talking about cloning the SAM? What does that have to do with the question? He mentioned in another post he desoldered the module from the SAM and reinstalled it into one that didn't have a cracked board and got the car running.
  15. This is posted in the wrong section. This is diesel 450's forum. Not petrol versions.You will need to remove and replace this in that forum if you want better help