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  1. Congrats Glenn if you get that one. It's in nice shape and more importantly, is very correct and original appearing. Here is a pic of mine. It is a 1919 Runabout. Mine is American.
  2. Hey folks. I'm sure many of you remember me and some of you don't. I am no longer part of the smart scene but, I sometimes still post here if I think I have something valuable to pass along to my old friends. Today, I took my 1919 Ford Model T Runabout to a car show and swap meet at the Rockton Fairgrounds at Rockton Ontario. While there, I spotted the item shown below for sale. It appears to be a smart dealership sign. It is about six feet long and two feet high. The seller says it lights up. It was priced at $200.00. The show is still on tommorrow, (Sunday).The seller gave me permission to post his name and number here. Brian, 519-448-3119. Note that I do not know this seemingly friendly seller at all. I felt that this very cool item just has to go to a member of the hardcore smartcar elite which is why I'm posting the info here. Congrats to whoever gets it. Dave.
  3. Wheel locks are sold. The only items left for sale are the smart coreline wheels with wide V rated tires. A bargain at $1500.00 installed.
  4. Final price for the coreline wheels and tires, $1500.00 installed. The wheel lock set is $40.00.
  5. I rented a passion coupe from Kendall in London. They are your best bet.
  6. I own Full Metal Jacket in regular format. I rented it in Blu Ray just to see the difference. It was all grainy and fuzzy. The old format was clearer. I took it right back to the store. Other people have had similar complaints. It's not because the movie is older, some movies are poorly converted. Blazing Saddles and The Road Warrior are crystal clear and are certainly hi def. A 72" TV will show every flaw so, the movie has to be good. Yes, the set was pretty pricey. I couldn't even find it in Canada at the time and had to drive halfway across NY state to buy it. When my 47" set died, I saw it as an opportunity to upgrade in the hope that it would make me actually watch more TV. Didn't work. As you notice, I am still on the forum. I actually enjoy this forum and the fine people on it even more than I enjoyed the car. I wonder if that will ever change. Dave.
  7. I've got a Samsung 72" and hi def with a 400 watt sound system and a Blu Ray. I really like the Blu Ray but choose your movies carefully. Some movies are worse in Blu Ray while others are just stunning. The age of the movie doesn't matter.
  8. There are only two items left for sale.The coreline wheels and the locking wheel bolts. For those not familiar with these parts, they are factory smart items. The wheels are wider than the ones that Canadian cars come with. If you have a pulse, these are the wheels that your car was supposed to have just like every late model pulse in Europe. The factory decided to give you the older skinny pulse wheels instead. The coreline wheels come with a medium grade, somewhat mismatched set of tires. They are T rated. These give a much better ride and greatly enhanced handling. The wheels I'm selling have a near new set of even wider ultra high performance tires. They are V rated and are a properly matched set. The tires alone were $1000.00. The handling is amazing. You can now have these wheels and tires for $1700.00. I will deliver and install them on your car while you wait, no extra charge in the GTA area. Sorry, no shipping. First reply is a firm reserve. I won't let someone try to out bid you. Here is a picture.
  9. Sorry for the delayed response. I switched to 205/50 rear and 185/55 front. This allowed me to have a matching set of tires and ones that are truly high performance. V rated in fact. There was no drawback. Ride and handling were much improved again.
  10. Gee your right, it wasn't listed. Somehow it's on hold for someone though Sorry. At this point, the only remaining items are the coreline wheel with Potenza tires. Will deliver and install (hand torqued to proper specs), no extra charge while you wait. Also have the wheel locks and the stock spoiler.
  11. Yes that is my first smart next to sketch's. And in the background is the footbridge I drove across.
  12. So far, there is a hold on the oil extractor, the s-mann scoop and the passion wheels. I will post again if that changes. I also have winter floor mats. Dave.
  13. That must be the same one I saw driving down the 401 in Toronto a few weeks ago.
  14. Your smart, like mine, is a car that will not soon be forgotten. It was one of the first wrapped smarts ever and perhaps the nicest. It was a really wild sight at a time when even the plainest smart drove people crazy. Thanks for posting that memory.
  15. The new Civic has tilt and telescopic so there's no problem there. What's wrong Iain? Were you expecting me to get the manual transmission? I like shifting but I hate clutch pedals and my wife can't drive manual at all which ruled it out.