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  1. hi, my brake warning lights have come on!! any ideas on a quick fix?
  2. hi all, thanks for the assistance, i went to a garage in the end and it is a fault with the smart box!! apparently there is an output when you test the wiring but as soon as you turn the dipped beam on the drivers dipped beam fails. i think I will just sell the car as i don't want to pay out another £400-£500 on a car that was only worth £1000.00, it's a real shame.
  3. Hi, what is a SAM thanks
  4. HI all, finally had the stalk changed but unfortunately no luck, still have a problem, over the last week prior to changing the stalk all the lamps on the drivers side front light have stopped working!! previously it was just the headlight. any ideas guys?
  5. Thanks for the diagrams
  6. Thanks Huronlad, I will give that some thought, sounds a bit complicated! Would tou have a witing diagram?
  7. can anyone help? my smart city passion 2003 has one headlight lamp not working, i have taken the front off the car and taken both lights out, I swapped them over and the faulty one worked fine on the other side.