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  1. Probably too late, but I used a car battery and some 400amp cables, connected 1 side to the aluminium webbing on the motor, and pressed the other cable on the studs, waited for them to glow bright orange, then cool down, and I then simply spun them out with pliers, its basic electrical resistance, worked perfectly
  2. i made a hydrogen fuel cell that drew 45-50 amps and put 6 liters of hydroxy gas per minuet straight into the intake manifold of my old diesel nova and really helped with a boost and power, but i dont think my smarty cdi could do it what with the electronic sniffers and sensors it has, plus it was a bit of a pain and pretty dangerous to be in the trunk/boot, let alone right behind the back seat,be great to make a stable explosive addative that we could mix with diesel to give it a sweet kick,,,,
  3. I was lucky I found a guy in Toronto who had a car with 130000 on it, he gave me turbo manafold assembly, Sam box, rail sensor and 2 injectors for $360, we could only get 2 injectors out the others totally stuck, so she's still got 1 bad injector in it but maybe I can get 1 new nozzle, I didn't know they came seperate 😃
  4. I'm sorry, I don't understand how to use this website, do I just reply to topic, ?????
  5. Turned out I changed 1 injector and the fuel rail sensor at the same time, and the non damaged injector made a vast improvement
  6. Problem solved, it was the injectors, buggered them up first time around by using a wire wheel to clean them, basically destroying the atomiser holes, lesson learned, thx for all the help, and I resoldered the Sam low beam relay yayyyyy, 2 years and 200 hrs labor lol, The actuator arm is factory set, and still has the thread paint on each lock nut, as for observing map readings I don't have equipment for that, I have an obd2 reader can I use that?
  7. So now after installing a new fuel rail pressure sensor, I'm getting 14 psi at 4000 psi, it's like 100 % better and drivable, but still slow off the mark ( not like she used to be) seems like the turbo isn't spooling up until way late, gunna have to look for some smaller leaks, I'll have to check if the wastegate is opening early, or not sealing somehow, I have plenty of preload on it, could the EGR valve cause low boost somehow, it's clean, I have a straight through exaust with no cat,? Running no air filter just for testing..a pair of my wife's stockings lol for now..thx The actuator arm is factory set, and still has the thread paint on each lock nut, as for observing map readings I don't have equipment for that, I have an obd2 reader can I use that?
  8. As you may know tolsen, I've now checked the intercooler, it's good, replaced the injectors, still same, revs up slow, 9 psi boost, I have a new fuel rail pressure sensor gunna try tomorrow, I wonder if I should, start stop car 3 times or is that an old wives tail, or maybe the OEM engine mapping has gone wrong (doubt that though) what about any other sensors, or fuel filter blocked, could something as simple as that cause low boost? any other ideas mate?
  9. Tolsen where is this solenoid or said cut off, that may be my problem?
  10. A p0003 code popped up now, saying about low fuel ctr or something, I had a gut feeling something is happning with fuel, anyone had this code before and find the issue?
  11. I weld pipe for all industries, but anyhow, I'm sooo frustrated, what could only make the turbo boost at 9psi max, the motor revs out, no smoke EGR is clean, injectors clean, air filters clean, exaust is new, turbo, wastegates new properly adjusted, clean fuel, what about fuel pump stuff now, or filters, I got 1 code saying glow plug, but it runs smooth, something is restricting it some where, it's doing my nut in, and I'm too broke to go to MB.
  12. Haha, it's not the intercooler,???? It's fine no holes no chaffing, pressure tested fine, I have no idea
  13. Outside the box thinking, the cars green enough as is, my EGR to manifold pipes male torx bolts are so corroded I can't get them off, so it's a pull everything and drill and tap game it's all the salt on the roads here
  14. I personally bent and made mine out of soft 1/2 inch copper wire the original 2 bolt flange brazed with a 1/2 inch coupling on the end to snugly fit the rubber hose coming off the sump, I was thinking of using 1/4 inch as tube for my supply as it's almost rotten through, I Gota also get on this EGR delete, stupid Canadian laws our are water cooled here.
  15. Ok so I desoldered the spare Sam and put the low beam relay into my one,( should work) now I'm gunna pull the intercooler and hopefully be relieved to see a hole or something, a friend has a spare but I might be able to repair it with marine apoxy or Ac Tig, guess we'll find out in about 4 hrs time.