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  1. I had the codes read and there was 3 regarding the egr this time, gunna try and re clean that again today, there was no mention of boost issues? Driving me nuts now
  2. So everything is done now, the car doesn't smoke, but I think it's in safe mode now, it's smooth but very low on power now, smoothly Revs past 3000rpm, just gutless I think I'm going to have to get codes read and then deleted. I hope this will reset the computer and restore the darn thing
  3. Yea hopefully people aren't as stupid as I am, so anyways I cut open the exaust this morning.....WOW it's a double skin system and the whole interior carbon skin had rotted away, and on the inlet side was a massive cat, almost the size of a football and it was buggered, (not sure if these have the platinum beading but I hacked it out with a chipping hammer anyways jet washed it, and have given it to a mate to weld, so I will fit it up when it's done, thinking of making a pipe myself later, like the brabus style, but with like a yoshimura bike pipe. I really like the car, people laugh at me in it, and being a complete narsacist I get off on it, I was thinking also (MAYBE) one-day removing the egr and trying veg again one day as the cat was the issue, but I will wait till I have more time for repairs...lololol
  4. So I picked up a 2005 silver 450cdi passion, I thought as I did back in the UK I could run veg oil with little to know issues as I am a mechanic, being bosh everything fuel system I could run 50/50 oil and derv, the car had sat for 3 years not ran at all, so new battery needed, had to drop the motor and installed recon alternator as it had seized (bought car for $1800cdn btw) so I didn't mind chucking a few bucks into it, all back together, not charging grrrrrr, pulled motor and alt again got another all good, ran her for about 3 months like this, then the problems started, pump would trip, go into limp mode,black smoke like defcon 5 then the loss of power, now it hardly idles. Anyway I pulled the injectors, and the intercooler, and the egg, all were extremely gummy and full of crud, so I cleaned the whole system out fully even the intake manifold with wire, note...I was getting some boost from the turbo also, put it all back together,, grrrr SAME as, and I noticed with foot to floor the actuator arm didn't move and I could hear the turbo trying to pump,but no more black smoke, I thought the turbo was shot exaust side as I had inspected the compressor blades, so I figured that was the issue, undone the exaust bolts snapping both of and just for the hell of it gave the exaust a bj, yep blow with my lips......volla so blocked I could hardly blow through it, the cdn model doesn't have a simple cat in the down pipe so it's blocked fully in the baffles, im gunna slice it open with a zip disk pull the guts out and see what happens, but yea for the money saved in veg oil is just not work the pain in my rear to do this every 3 months, just wanted to let you owners know this, yours David b
  5. Would like to start a thread regarding running chipfat in my smart common rail, been running 75-25% for months now, with brown gas directly into the intake, very clean burn injectors are perfect, ran this setup in england for 3 years, just a heads up, will keep you posted as the weather gets warmer, the results will be cheaper