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  1. You seem to be very knowledgeable on this topic. Can you reference the section of the Ontario HTA or other official ministries regarding the details of what constitutes a trailer? As was said in an early post of the pro's and con's of the swivel trailer its better to play it safe and get a plate.
  2. Take a look at these swivel wheel carriers. Do you see a plate on any of them. Not one! Because it is classed as a carrier. An extension of the vehicle with a support wheel.
  3. I'm very certain that this is a grey area that can go either way . You will notice the first few pictures are sold as cargo carriers labeled by the manufacturer. If you make your own does that give you the right to call it what you will? The other pictures are swivel wheel trailer where I think the owners are standing in line getting their plate! I think the last one is making a getaway without a plate!
  4. Would you have to get a permit and pay for such a service that you did not comply with? Lucky you did not get caught you rebel you! What kind of fine would it have been?
  5. Thanks! this info solved my problem. Cracked board!! Must be planned obsolescence !
  6. Apparently tolsen and loosenuts have problems reading his post! GRP151 said he abandoned the attempt to repair the flexible board as it is a bigger job than just swapping the SAM computer to another board. Comments solving this problem would be more appropriate than jabbing at idiotic issues You would think that some of the members on this board are 'socially retarded' when comments like this appear
  7. Excellent post GRP151! This is certainly a lot easier restricting the coolant flow than using Tolsens restrictor. Opening up the system and bleeding the air pocket out of the coolant line is a real pain! Great post!
  8. Hi jjtrucker Just read your post. What was the final solution you did? Did you install an external relay or did you find the problem?
  9. I'm not sure what it is about GRP151 secret formula but when I sprayed it around the U-joint and other parts of my car it worked amazing.It freed up the stiff joint like Smartpak! That diesel and varsol blend not only creeps everywhere but lasts and lasts and lasts. Lesson learned don't get it on your clothes or hands its a bitch to get off.
  10. Hi, My name is Glenn. I purchased my smart last November and absolutely love it. Except for one thing it feels like the shocks are fitted with steel rods. Most of the roads here are riddled with pot-holes, patches, and sunken manhole covers. I'm literally zigzagging my way down the streets at 40 km per hour annoying other drivers in order to avoid this banging every time it hits any of the above. I'm wondering if any harm it may do to my precious little car? I had the ball joints checked and the suspension has a regular bounce to it. I did do one thing that may be the problem but I'm not sure if that is what it is. I was able to score a set of rear rims and tires which have now replaced the front ones. It looks really cool with the tire and rims matching the rear. I've read elsewhere on this site that the wider tire 175/55's could wear out my front bearings sooner. I'm not sure if I understand the logic behind that but I'm sure that extra 2 inches of fulcrum may add to the stress of the bearings. Its that banging noise that shocks me. Tire pressure is set at 28 PSI and no signs of broken springs. I open the doors and used it with my added weight to check the suspension since there is no bumper to bounce the front end.