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  1. 165? Wow, that is definitely a lot less than I expected. That is very good to know, thank you. I'm not quite sure what you mean by ground strap on rear of trans area. Do you have a picture or something of where that would be?
  2. Hello all, I've got a 2006 Smart Fortwo. Just over 60k KMs. Got it about a year ago. Still very bad at all things "car" - so forgive me any ignorances. Last Thursday I messed up and left my car lights on while at work. Came out after to nice and dead battery. I got a jump from a co-worker, drove home, and didn't think too much of it. I was sitting in my driveway looking up on my phone how long to run my car to charge the battery when it died on me. I thought it was weird, but I hooked up the battery to a charger and went to work the next day and everything seemed fine. By Saturday, the red battery light was on. On Monday picked up a fresh battery, cleaned all my terminals, and swapped it out. I checked all the connections I could see and they all seem tight and clean. Again, things were fine the next day. Wednesday, the light was back. This entire time, since that jumpstart, I've also noticed my headlights flashing a little brighter every 4~5 seconds for a split second. This would go for about the first five minutes of my drive before it would stop/ When I tested my new battery, I was seeing around 12.9v when the car was off, and when I would turn it on, it would spike to 14+ for a moment as I could hear the alternator attempting to go (and it would, for a second, before shutting off) and then drop again. Revving the vehicle didn't change this much. I assume this is about the same timing as the issue with the lights. I've read every topic I can find about battery issues and alternators, but I've not read much about this particular issue. Everything was totally fine before the jump (I confess I know very little about jump starting, and I'm not sure if my co-worker did it in a safe way or not). It seems like the alternator CAN work...something is just stopping it from working? I don't have a jack or anything to get a good look under my car and I can't seem to locate or see the state of my alternator. From what I've read, my only guess is that the jump was bad and it did something to a connection or wire or fuse or something? I've read that the alternator has something that regulates the voltage it should be getting and so if something is weird, it might keep shutting it down...? If anyone has simple ideas for me to test, please let me know. If you think this just sounds 100% like a bad alternator...ouch...I'm not in a great place to drop a ton of money on that right now. Would love any information you can give!
  3. So I've scoured the forums for answers and checked as many of the possible answers as I could find, but I'm still coming up empty. Here is my issue: I recently got a used 2006 Smart CDI Passion Cabrio. I've noticed that some water was collecting under the carpets in the foam underlay. It's in the rear, between the metal engine cover and the foam above it, plus under both the driver and passenger seats - mostly around the feet area and towards the middle part with the e-brake and ignition. It's not wet between the back and the front (behind the seats) or the very front (where it slopes up on the driver side or around the battery well on the passenger side). I thought it might be a rain leak issue with the rear of the Cabrio not closing properly, as it had been raining pretty hard for a couple days. But after drying out the foam and testing it the next day - totally sunny - I had new water under all three areas. So I thought it might be the A/C, so I dried it again and turned off the A/C completely - the fan set to 'o', the intake set to from outside>inside, the heat set to the very middle point, and the a/c switch off. No rain that day either, still fresh water. I took out the foam piece covering the battery well today to check if it was the A/C drain pipe leaking, and there was no sign of water anywhere near that area - it was quite dusty still - and I couldn't even locate the A/C drain (the only pictures I can find are 451's or locked behind a pay wall at evilution). If it matters, the water does not smell like anything and my windshield washer fluid is full. Does anyone have anything else I could test? I'm running out of options and getting awfully tired of drying out the car every day. If the A/C is the problem, I don't need it, and I just want a fix that will stop the leaking.