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  1. Today I was driving along when suddenly my SMART just turned off completely and I had to pull over. There were 3 horizontal lines showing on the dash display. I then turned the key and it started and drove normally. What the heck was that? Has anyone else experienced this before?
  2. Hi and welcome 614NK. Very nice! Where can someone buy the body add-ons for a smart car like yours? I wish mine looked like that!
  3. Hi smartnhappy I think you are absolute correct
  4. Thanks Leadwing for all that information. You seem to be a smart car guru lol. My smart car needs a few things and it takes so long to heat up in the winter but I still love it. I'm not sure I like the new shape as much as mine. The new ones look kind of boxy and not as cute as mine in my opinion. I'm planning to take a new one out for a test drive next week. Will let you know how it goes.
  5. Thanks everyone for the awesome welcome Mike T - your comment about Smart is soon to be an orphaned brand in Canada has me a little worried - whats going on with Smart in Canada?
  6. I just discovered Club Smart ! I wish I had found out about it sooner. I am the proud owner of a diesel 2006 Smart Fortwo and I love it. Its great for life in Toronto Canada. Its super easy to park and I almost never have to go to the gas station lol. I am trying to decide whether or not to trade it in for a new one. Any suggestions?