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  1. I like this idea of removing the injector and using a hose attached to a gauge. Friction fitting could be reliable to some degree especially if your doing it yourself. A 5/8" OD hose about 2-3 feet long should be sufficient to view the gauge while cranking the motor.
  2. Can you change the seal without removing the cover or does it install from inside?
  3. True Scotts.....say it this way "Keep makin airt an ne-er gie heed tae hoo long it”ll bide. It aw casts awa an becomes bum wipe in the end. But mind, ert is no what it is it’s whit it does." Translated: ert, airt: art. "Keep making art and never give a thought to how long it might stay around. It all fades and becomes recycled waste towards the end. But remember, art is not what it is but what it does." Keep making art. ..and one more... “Pouin thon rackle’s mair like tae sink us than empty the room dae ye no think?” Translated: rackle: a chain, small chain on a pipe stem attaching the lid and a pin for cleanin it out, noise of a moving chain. “Pulling that chain is more likely to sink us rather than empty the room – do you not think so?”
  4. Best birth control after 50!
  5. Thanks for this ingenious solution! It took about 10 minutes for the first door and then about 5 minutes for the second. Its been bothering me for years. Love it!
  6. How much did he charge you for this work?
  7. I knew a guy who would bring coffee's to a mechanic to pick his brain when ever he needed help. Somehow bringing a $1.50 coffee would completely change his attitude towards his customers. He charges $120/hr or $ 2/min if you were to convert it to dollars.The mechanic would spend at least 10 to 15 minutes chatting while drinking his coffee. The problem was this particular mechanic knew very little next to nothing about Smart cars. But a hell of a lot about domestic ones. And yes that guy was me!
  8. What did you end up charging for all this time spent if you don't mind me asking?
  9. Never make the same mistake twice....
  10. This is how the media reports the news...
  11. The load is calculated by the tire range capacity. 4.8x8 is usually Load Range B, 590 lbs each. Single wheel can only carry half of a regular trailer.
  12. Why can't God just....