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  1. $500 OBO. Kelowna. Car isn't currently running; needs complete clutch assembly replaced and AC isn't working (Mercedes "fixed" the AC twice but didn't find the source of coolant leak.) Body is in good shape and car had no other mechanical problems, so would be good for parts or a fix-it-yourself project. Please call or text if interested: 250-870-1097.
  2. Hi All. Has anyone in the Okanagan had their smart serviced somewhere other than Mercedes? I have no complaints about their work but the labour costs are killing me. I just had a valve in my air conditioner replaced; total parts cost was about $40, but my final bill was almost $400. Input is appreciated.
  3. Hey, as a follow-up, does anyone know if there's a reliable smart mechanic here in Kelowna, aside from the dealership?
  4. Hi Ever'body. I'm inheriting my brother's 2006 450, so in the next few weeks it'll be making its way from Toronto to Kelowna. I'm excited to get to know it, maybe do some upgrades (like adding an input for my iPod), and learning everything I can from fellow Smarties like you!
  5. Thanks! I'll check out Flying Tiger.