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  1. I have gone through 3x H7 light bulbs in about 9 months, My house mates 451 has gone through 4. (Im guessing environmental conditions + how we use the car are to blame) Either way you can now buy H7 LED bulbs for about $30. Nex time one goes out im thinking about trying LED DRL low beams. Has anyone else done this?
  2. Good point, but 451s take 91 gas($0.20-$0.30 more expensive per L) and get worse fuel economy than a honda fit(almost double what CDI's get). Im driving in extreme heat/cold, up steep hills daily, in stop and go traffic and im still getting 4.5L diesel/100km. I have also noticed the interior build quality for the 451's is fractionally worse than the 450's. Its not a huge difference but in 5 years the difference will become more apparent. Consider supply and demand in various locations, price will vary. For a rebuilt base spec currently $3500, and a normal red/silver one $5400.(-10% for negotiation) Those are the only two options and they are both 100km+ away. Mine has every option, less km, better colour, works 100%, recent full service(ALL fluids and filters). Mine is not for sale but considering the other cars available; $5500 sale price is fair. You can buy a good 451 for around $4000(in vancouver) but it is a much different car
  3. $2000 for a 150,000km good speced fortwo. It needs new injectors ($900 ebay, possibly sell the old ones for $200), that + a full service should be around $1100. $3100 for a top spec cdi with lots of new parts For $3500 you can get a 150,000km rebuilt base spec If i had a friend that was looking for a great commuter car it would tell them to get it Based on local prices mine would sell for $5500
  4. opaque, i wanted to block out the sun to keep the car cooler
  5. -Tinted top 8" of front windshield -Wrapped glass roof gold -Tinted all lights and removed tint from low beams -Tinted rear quarter windows -Installed 200w amp and 2x 12" subwoofers. (You can feel the bass in the car) -Repainted the wheels It could use a few more layers of wax and the subwoofers are far too heavy (100+ lb) So i will take them out most of the time. Apart from that the car is finished(modifying). While parked in the sun the car stays much cooler and the ac is working well.
  6. I just changed my friends 2008 451 oil. I noticed the engine insulation was sagging ALOT
  7. Gave the car its first summer detailed cleaning. I will do it again in a few weeks to get everything 100%. I cleaned out all the junk and non essential items, scrubbed the rubber floor mats, vacuumed the interior, disinfected all surfaces, then used protective wipes on all plastic surfaces. I gave the outside a basic cleaning, used plastic restorer to get all grey plastic looking deep black, and prepped the car for tint. Im VHT nighshading the read quarter windows and all lights(fronts very lightly). Im going to give the car a light waxing tomorrow after i have done the tinting. Ill also give the rims a black touch-up to get them looking new. After seeing Simon cowells Black smart I wanted to black out mine.
  8. I have already had some 30C sunny days so far in kamloops this year. My ac is working well but the glass roof makes my smart feel like a greenhouse. I just ordered some reflective gold vinyl wrap and im wraping my glass roof with the aim to naturally keep the interior cooler. Im going to add some more tint too so it should be a lot darker inside and reflect more heat.
  9. Food for thought: Our smart cdi's can just about produce enough engine heat to heat the cabin in winter. If we increase thermal efficiencies of engines more than they are now, then presumably a high thermal efficiency small engine wont be able to produce enough heat to heat the cabin in winter. This means it will have to rely on electric heating and that will put more load on the engine. Burning the fuel to produce heat is more efficient than converting it to work, then converting that to electricity, then converting that to heat. As safety, and emission standards get higher; i dont think we will see a better fuel efficiency car than the 450 smart cdi's.(*In winter *that can produce a comfortable temp in cabin)
  10. I have had problems with oil changes too. 1st I ended up taking the oil pan off. 2nd I took it to a shop and they filled the engine with 5L of oil. I decided to get a pump and do it the easy way. It seemed there are no robust pumps for under $120 near me or online because of expensive shipping. I thought i could get a $50 2hp shop vac and a $40 fluid extractor ( That would do it and i would have a shop vac as a bonus. It turns out princess auto has a oil extractor for $20 in stock and one of the reviews said they used it to drain oil out of a smart car. My housemate with his 2008 just hit 20,000km since his last oil change so i will change his oil too(his car is sounding like a diesel) Also as a side note Im noticing on buy and sells the older diesel Smarts are going up in value and are becoming more expensive than early gas models
  11. Good post For the F350 the diesel is $10,000 more expensive and it WILL need $20,000 repairs in the first 10 years. The gas version gets the same fuel economy, Practically the same power, and is much more reliable, when it does need repairs its alot cheaper to fix too. Before anyone says it the towing is the exact same if you select the right gearing. After my diesel f350 i said i would never buy a diesel again. The smart is an exception but im still cautious of it
  12. I have a video of me this time last year riding my motorbike in sunny 20c weather. This morning it was 2C. In 2 weekends its supposed to be 26c, when the hot weather hits it will hit hard
  13. Yeah, its tempting. Im driving a lot of km now so a prius would cost me $700/year more in fuel. Its not too much more for a high tech car. If I ever get bored of my smart i will go for a prius as a daily. $5500 $5000(black one on left) For an electric car I did the math for me and it would cost me $40/week in electricity that i work (300kWh) vs $30 current (20L diesel) Also these cars cost around $5000-$8000. A cheap electric car(say 2013 leaf) would be at least double that with a big battery replacement bill in the next 2-6 years.
  14. I love my 2006 smart cdi but dont want to be blind to better technologies. I live in a hilly city with extreme temp ranges, this has a huge affect on fuel economy. I did a lot of research and this is what i noticed: -CDI will get about 2L/100km better fuel economy -Prius would be a little bit more expensive -Prius is more comfortable/luxurious with better tech inside Similar running costs and maintenance costs I had a quick look at electric cars and theoretically they would reduce my Diesel bill from $100/week to $20/week in electricity. BUT with the heater or A/C on high every day for 5 hours I expect i wouldnt have the range and the electricity bill would more realistically be $50/month If anyone has extra insight into comparing the two cars i would love to know
  15. Yeah, I have tinted 3 cars before its not too bad if you have the right tools. +1 on the night shade on the plastic windows. What tint % is your car lead wing? It looks good