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  1. Thanks for the helpful reply tolsen, ill have a look at the pulley and if it seems ok ill hold out until the summer to replace. Ill do all the other stuff mentioned too.
  2. So im going to do a big service on my car this weekend. The car had no service records(90,000 km). The car was sitting for about 2 years before i bought it so it should drive a lot better after i have done the work. -Oil + filter(5w-40 synthetic is in car): im going to replace with 0w-40 rotella t6 and a new stock filter(its tiny) next time i will do the spin on filter upgrade. -Transmission fluid Full synthetic moto master dextron VI, 1.4L. Dextron VI is backward compatible to Dex III and Dex III is back ward compatible to Dex II(what MB specs) -Fuel filter I will have to swap the water filter over and be extra careful not to get it wet. -Coolant I tested the coolant and it is good, I might replace in summer with an additive for piece of mind -Bleed brakes Dot 3 simple bleed -Misc lithium spray actuator lube locks/hinges polish headlights This website is really useful. Ill roughly document it here
  3. I just sold my 1990 base spec stock NA mx5(with hard top and nb rims) for $4100, rusty, good paint but needs work, 280,000kms. For the same price you could get a top spec(never available in canada) NB mx5, no rust, 85,000km. I drove my old mx5 about 70,000km in temps from -37c to +41c. PERFECT reliability, started with ease every time. I was going to replace it with a newer Japanese one but then i saw the smart car and got that instead.
  4. That would still be about $16,000, it would have to be a die hard roadster fan to pay that. You could get for $10,000 less
  5. I would be seriously interested in one. I went to the MB dealer when I first came to canada and tried to buy one(failed) How much would a normal low mileage one cost shipped to b.c? The problem is you can get a top spec 2000 japanese mx5 for $4000 and rx7 for $8000
  6. You can buy the MB xentry stars system for under $200. that would be cheaper than coding 2 keys
  7. Ha, i need to do this. Im getting whacked a lot since im using the car as a food delivery car. I have seen 2 new ones for sale on ebay for $35, i need to get around to ordering them + some new rear light bulbs. The canada 1 looks good, the colour matched bumper looks nice. With my black/black 450 its technically colour matched My glow plug controler isnt working ndi was going to fix it this summer but i got lazy. It was -19c last night and the car started on the 3rd go(no glow plugs) so im impressed. I guess my compression is good too
  8. Thats a really good price. My housemates both got a 2008 passion ($7,000) and a 2009 passion ($8,000). When I went to insure my 2006 pulse they valued it at $5,500 all cars have around 70k to 90k kms
  9. How much does coding and cutting a blank key cost? I only have 1 worn out key and im worried if I break it. I just saw a 2 pack of new keys ready for programming and cutting for $40 Porsche charge $100 just to program a key
  10. wow, nice job. If my engine breaks it I will fix rather than replace too
  11. Bump Recently in central BC i have been using shell standard diesel and V power. I used chevron the other day for half a tank and the car acted worse, I usually use additive but with chevron I didnt and i only used half a tank. Chevron might be good, i didnt test enough to know. Im going to start filling with husky, anyone had long term problems with husky diesel? (i will be using a highly rated additive too) Also for future reference to look back(Kamloops, B.C): Summer 2017: $0.98/L Winter 2017: $1.20/L
  12. I would be interested to know the differences between a 450 CDI engine, and a 2010+ cdi engine
  13. around 15c its just over 100 Wh/km Around -10c its just over 200 Wh/km
  14. Good write up, hopefully it holds up well.
  15. There is no transmission dipstick. You need to drain it all out and refill. Its either Electrical, low fluid level, or worst case a mechanical problem. It might be a good idea to look over the car and check over everything if you get 15 mins free