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  1. Hi Skifo, sorry still no luck in finding an answer. I thought it was the alternator, but am now convinced it is the control from the ECU not powering the field winding (should be pulsed). I am looking at the throttle control to the ECU as the fault seems to be related to the throttle position. Main problem is finding a good circuit diagram ! Anyway, just fitted a rear wheel bearing kit to pass MOT. I will let you know if I fix it. Where are you in Italy, love the country. Cheers Mike
  2. Hi Skifo, did you find the fault with the alternator charging ? I have the same model and year with exactly the same fault. It seems like a timer issue. If I switch off and on above 1500 rpm it will charge again for about 40 seconds. No charge when accelerating but charges on overrun. Driving me mad. Mike