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  1. Does anyone know what the factory alignment specifications are, and how they might be different for the electric drive model?
  2. Hello from the Pacific Northwest of the US. I'm the owner of a brand new, leftover 2015 Smart Electric Drive. Earlier this year, I had heard of an incredible deal on a new, leftover ED and finally managed to find a similar deal for myself. The paperwork has been completed and the money has changed hands, so I'm now waiting for the dealer to transport it from California to me. I should have it within the next week. I've read through most of the threads in the 451 ED section and am hoping the Smart will work out for us as well as it has for the owners here. The Smart will be replacing a 1995 Miata, which has been very fun to drive but was getting long in the tooth and feeling like it was about to get pretty expensive to maintain and keep up. It'll be our third car between my wife and I, and our first ever electric vehicle. The intention is to use it for all of the short trips that we take every day, and for that purpose I think it's just about perfect. Eventually, it may be used as a tow vehicle behind an RV, and as an emergency car for our kids should their vehicles go down for whatever reason. With the Miata, it was equipped with the ultimate theft deterrent for our family - a clutch pedal, and so no one else could drive it. I'm very looking forward to driving it like we stole it (and we basically did at 50% off MSRP), and will be peppering the group with questions as I try to figure out everything about the car. Fun times!