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  1. I wish I knew. Here is an internal doc (Please don't share!) saying that the vehicle is still delayed. Anyone driven the new gas powered SMART? Due to the delay I can offer a great short term lease to tide one over until the EV arrives
  2. Hi smart142. I'm in sales but happy to reach out to my friends in the service/parts departments should you or other have questions.
  3. Hi SmartGal! Still have your 2006? If your curious as to how the new ones drive I'm happy to show you how much smoother they are.
  4. Hi Smarties! My name is Konrad and I just moved back to Canada after living in Honolulu HI. for 8 years. While there I worked at Mercedes-Benz of Honolulu which I am proud to say is the USA's leading SMART car dealership! I'm now at Mercedes-Benz of Brampton and looking forward to assisting and educating the Toronto area market on just how great these vehicles are!