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  1. Wish I had known that prior to putting it back together. Thanks for the tip!
  2. The only way to safely re center the clutch disc is to place the whole assembly in a press and collapse the fingers of the pressure plate to release the clutch disc so as to re center it. The only problem is that you have to do it from the underneath side of the press table. Not for amateurs this procedure.
  3. Took the little girl out for a good test drive today and have never felt it shift so smoothly before. No jerky ness, smooth pull aways from stop lights and excellent acceleration for its size. While I had it apart I disassembled the EGR and soaked it in carbon cleaner for 2 hours, rinsed it and then put it in the ultra sonic parts washer. After 2 hours in the bath I pulled it out and was still chipping away at the carbon. Back into the ultra sonic cleaner for 2 more hours. All said and done it finally came out clean. Now to clean out the US cleaner. Boy was it black. Goes to prove that the some of the snake oil products really dont work and it all boils down to elbow grease.
  4. So at the end of the day, sitting down with a Crown and Coke, my problem is over. Tolsen, you confirmed my theory, after pulling it all apart and re timing the clutch assembly it started with no problem. I was 180 degrees out on the timing. After researching as much info on this task prior to starting this I found no mention of timing the clutch assembly. After posting this morning I went out with a big cup of coffee and had a look at the old clutch assembly and realized that the flywheel is cut like a gear for the sensor to read the RPM and TDC. This was a total new learning curve into small engines. In the time it takes to change out a clutch in a Smart I could have changed out a transmission in a Caterpillar D8 High Drive and given less blood in the process. On the upside of all this, I can re and re a Smart clutch in 8 hours with no hoists in the car park. Cheers Tolsen. .
  5. The Brits call it a Basket but you are right it is the assembly, pressure plate, flywheel and the disc all in one assembly or basket.
  6. So I am the new kid on the block here and I am having a bit of an issue. So after replacing the clutch basket on my wife's 2006 Passion fortwo Diesel Smart car and shoehorning everything back into place the engine will crank but won't start. Did all the preliminary checks, i.e. fuses, battery, fuel, have fuel to injection rail, low pressure fuel pump (LPFP) runs etc. I can see that the crank sensor is working as the tachometer is showing 500 rpm. After doing more research into this I am wondering if I put the clutch basket in 180 out of time? I would not have thought this would have been possible but the more I look at the basket with the machining of where the sensor would pick up TDC. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciative.