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  1. Then, how can I know the functional wear compensation is working correctly, and how should I adjust it if it is not correct? Can you show me the way to set up in perfect condition?
  2. Thank you for worrying, but it's working well now anyway. Thanks again, and take care.
  3. tolsen and Vic, I finished re-aligning in success using a machine press. I also think this is the only way to adjust the friction disk safely as Vic said. I thank for you again.
  4. Thank you again, tollsen. See you.
  5. Hi tolsen Your advices are very helpful, thanks. It's for a petrol 450, not for a diesel one as you say. I have been thinking they are the same. I have 2 450, one is 2000 model coupe (almost 190,000km), the other one is 2001 cabrio (85,000km). In Japan, the diesel smart doesn't exist. I can't judge if it happened on the way or before shipping., but that was true, when it delivered to me from the shop in UK, I was surprised at its terribly poor and rough packing. Anyway, it became clear by you that this condition is not normal, but it is not broken, and it may be fixable by the way you showed me. The banging way seems easier for me, but is the plate can be moved so easily? Also I wonder I can move and adjust it just exactly into the centre. Do you have any good idea to adjust finer by your dropping way? I guess like this case centering a taper jig must be used though I can't. Saying the truth, my mechanic also deduce the same cause, but he couldn't find out a good way to re-align. Your primitive way must be easiest and practical.
  6. Thanks tolsen, Vic, https://s7.postimg.org/chy4h3prv/IMG_1317s.jpg I sent an email to SACHS to ask that this condition (the plate out of centre) is normal as a product or is a defective product, and how to do.
  7. Hi tolsen, Thank you for your quick response. At first. I understood I should not open the cover. The next, my mechanic is a pro (I'm not), and has a lot of experiences of exchanging 450 clutch modules, so he can't handle in the wrong way, I think. He also said this was the first time for him to see a module in this condition. Like the attached image (the shot angle is little bit wrong, actually not so terrible, just 2-3mm out of centre ). So, I asked to the shop in UK I bought this one, then they said "this is normal who ever is fitting it has to align this item before fitting" But we can't believe their words. Do you think I should take this one a defective product, and claim to return? Do you think a customer can re-adjust easly?
  8. HI! I need to know something about a clutch module, and I found this topic. I got a brand-new SACHS clutch module for 450 and handed it to my mechanic. According to his report the center hole (I don't know the name) does not place in the center of the module. So it was impossible to fit (dock) to the transmission. Is this condition abnormal as a brand-new item? Is it possible to readjust easily though I think needed a machine press or something? He says if he can open the cover, he must readjust it, but he doesn't know how to do. If someone knows how to do, please help us.