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  1. NWell, the DEAD problem was solved. I put the Smart on a trailer and took it to Glenn - 290km away. On back roads that was 4 3/4 hours. After head scratching and checking connections, Glenn found that a main wire in the speedo hub connector wasn't making good contact. It was a small German connector and the wires must have had some corrosion in the connector. Cleaning spray and good reseating solved that problem. Now the Cruise Control never did work and none of the older spare boards Glenn had would so I am still out of luck there. Glenn then lubed and adjusted the clutch system, fixed some potential hose problems, replaced 2 rear bulbs and gave some really good advice on potential future problems. The A/C has a design problem that could cause water to leak into the passenger front section. We 'fixed' that and now I 'shouldn't' have water under the front foam beside the battery. While not the total items I was hoping for, I am pleased that the car is running properly again. It does appear that in this car, even with low mileage, corrosion of electrical connections happen and this can be a source of problems.
  2. I am located near Penetanguishene, North of Barrie. I will be going to the Mercedes Dealer just S of Barrie, unless I come up with a fix. Maybe I'll take apart the accelerator again and spray some Caig DEOX5 on the connector there. It seems that I had several slightly different conditions when I reconnected it, and, as mentioned, it is the one connector that is in a dirty part of the vehicle. For a while, it did start with no display and when I pushed the accelerator, it reved, but would not move even when gears were selected. It doesn't start now. However, I still feel that some safety shutdown or unknown fuse operated. The 'control box' did NOT have 2 of the 3 small identical sockets identified nor was there a polarity indicated on the end big connector. The unit started flashing Amber when I turned on the ignition, an indication not identified in the troubleshooting guide. Flashing Red indicated a no CAN connection, also not explained. Until I had the covers off and half into the install did I see that the instruction pictures didn't match my vehicle at all - no White connector on the Speedometer, and the Control Board didn't look anything like the one on the PDF Install Guide. I did phone the Support Line and followed their verbal instructions and I matched them before powering up. I waited the 30 seconds for 'synchronizing' but no joy. Disappointment for sure! Mike .....>
  3. Leadwing is correct. It is a 2006 and has only 44,000 km on it. Yes, it was a misterdotcom cruise control and it was installed carefully by myself, who has had a LOT of electronic experience. BUT, either I did make an error, or the control box supplied is defective. I can live without the Cruise Control, but hate it that something else was affected. Is there another fuse I don't know about? Mike .....>
  4. I am in Canada and have the Canadian version. I installed an aftermarket Smart Madness DIY Cruise Control, supposedly for the 2007 450 CDI Diesel Pulse Smart Car. ItI didn't work so I called for help. They suggested that I swap the wiper and speedo wires onto their 'custom computer' board. Still didn't work so I removed ALL of the plug-ins, including the wiper stalk, and restored to original. Here's what I get. When ignition key is turned on I get the centre console square illuminated, but NO engine lights, no gear indicator, nor mileage, nor temperature, nor fuel level indicators. All other functions, such as wipers, door locks, lights, radio, seem to work. The engine will not start but there is a low whine (Not the starter motor) for a while, then stops. The OBDII meter indicates P0600 which generically means Serial Communications Link Malfunction. I've checked all the fuses that seem to be part of the circuits that seem to be pertinent but all were OK. I've made an appointment with Mercedes for next week and have loan of a suitable trailer to get it there but wonder what other things to try. While I think it unlikely, I 'might' have broken, pinched, loosened, etc, a wire or connection, but I was working only with the main plug on the speedometer console, the smaller green connector and the accelerator connector. Any ideas appreciated. Mike .....>