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  1. I find it interesting the difference between how my Smart Car registers its fuel, vs. how our Jeep registers its fuel (Smart is first, fuel is in percentage). I think maybe I just suck at driving this car so far Only one day of data on the Jeep because I just put a new device in it this morning, but it looks like this consistently over time.
  2. Every day at work there is a smart car, I don't think I've ever seen it move in the 7 months our company has been at this location, but its presence probably put the idea of buying a smart car in my subconscious. My black car, their white car.
  3. I'm at work at gracefully.obsessive.negotiations bahahah. But I'm only a few streets away from circumstance.misfortune.tinfoil I feel like these could be great prompts for short stories.
  4. I think that's been the issue I've seen, tiny houses on wheels. I think the whole 'mobility' part is a big part of the attraction of tiny living, the idea of not necessarily being tied to one place in addition to not being anchored by a ton of extra house you don't even need. It will be interesting to see how it plays out over the years.
  5. I apparently don't fit into the GenX crowd or the Millenial crowd (Xennials, anyone?), but I can see this being true. If we could live in a Tiny House actually, I'd love it, but apparently, there are no real regulations that allow for them in Greater Vancouver (and plenty of regulations that will have them telling you to get rid of it). My husband and I and our three dogs live in <650 square feet (1-bedroom). It is quite honestly plenty of space (at least when you include the storage locker downstairs; I couldn't survive the hockey-gear smell in our apartment that's for sure). When we were in a two-bedroom place (and at one point a 3-bedroom townhouse) a couple of years ago, I found us with entire sections of the apartment that were never, ever touched, and it just felt like a waste. Since we had the space, I kept buying more stuff to fill it! (the stuff I threw out or gave away when we went to the 650 sq-ft range was outrageous). I also tend not to be nostalgic and I'm not much of a collector, throwing out anything that hasn't been touched in 6 months unless it actually will have a long-term use I can hang my hat on. On top of it, we're child-free (the choice to never have children), so we're pretty minimal on the human population That being said, I like my share of 'stuff'. Electronics are my thing, photos for the wall are nice, rugs, figurines (some, not many), and the closet may be small but I will stuff it full of clothes. So I guess there are different levels of minimalism, or maybe different styles of minimalism. These people seem to have decent space when I 'toured' their homes online, just not much in that space. Me, well I have a small space with plenty in it using the space efficiently. And hey, we still have two cars. But I have a not-so-secret addiction to housing shows on HGTV, and when I see people complaining about a bedroom being 'too small' which may actually be the size of my entire apartment, I just can't wrap my head around it. To each their own though.
  6. That makes sense then, the previous owner supposedly installed nothing aftermarket, but it just doesn't look like a factory option at first glance. Very cool, small happy bonus
  7. Thanks guys, you've made me feel quite a bit better and tempered my anxiety quite a bit. I know anything could fail at any time for any reason, but I feel a lot better now at least! I am so excited to have this car And the extra fun part is that I park it directly behind another smart car at work (it's there every day but honestly I don't think I've ever seen it move). I think that may be where the idea originally got planted in my mind. I also seem to have mostly figured out the little bluetooth thing that is installed, it was fairly easy and did most of the setup all by itself. I want to say 'aftermarket bluetooth' but I have no idea what brand it is or where it came from, the used car dealer had no information on it. I do have a picture though. It works perfectly, I was afraid it would be a bit hokey.
  8. Looks like the only options there are in Trail, Chilliwack, and the closest option Richmond, BC which is still 45+ minutes away depending on traffic (realistically more like an hour I'd imagine) I'll do some research and see what I can find more in the Burnaby to Coquitlam areas, there's gotta be something closer than that.
  9. Thanks guys Just under 44,000 on it right now. Is it recommended to take it only to a Mercedes dealership for service? That's probably a stupid question but good to ask anyway. I have to cross a toll bridge to take it in. I don't mind the tolls once in awhile mind you, just wanted to double check.
  10. It wasn't a smart car dealer, just a used car dealership. I didn't get an extended warranty, I can technically still purchase one this week through a couple of companies they work with, they gave me some brochures to look over as the person who dealt in the extendeds didn't work Sundays. I don't know anything about either company (SmartDrive and Global Warranty). I've heard terrible things in general about the extended warranty companies that used car dealerships work with, not these two in particular though. I think we're just going to take it one day at a time though. I don't technically drive the car very far, to and from work and I work in the same city I live in, so we're fingers crossed I think. We recently had to do some body work on our Jeep Compass that we paid out of pocket, so painful... that's the main reason I'm hoping for no issues in the next 3 to 6 months or so. At least until I remake that money we paid, hah.
  11. Hello I'm brand new to the Smart Car world. I purchased my first Smart Car today around 1pm and I'm still sort of in shock. I went into this whole process just looking for a very cheap second vehicle -- the initial idea was just an old beater car that probably wouldn't last more than a year or two, rinse and repeat when it goes -- somehow, I ended up down the Smart Car rabbit hole and I could not climb back out again. Suddenly my $1 - $2k budget was 'magically' increased. Hmm. I found a 2013 smart Pure at a dealership that was asking too much for it. I decided to throw a number at them, and to my surprise they accepted. I don't think they had much interest in the car since they received it as a trade-in last year and they were just happy to move it off the lot. The 40-minute commute back home from the dealership was a harrowing ordeal of learning how the car responds and how I should respond to it. It was different than getting behind the wheel of any regular car. I had my husband test-drive it because I'm a bit of a nervous driver in areas I've not been before, but of course he had to drive our existing car home so I definitely had to drive this time. It is my car, I just don't like driving anywhere but home turf what can I say. It came with a little bluetooth system that seems to replace the stock cockpit clock and is controlled through a dial on the dash. I have no manual for it and the dealership didn't even seem to know it was a bluetooth system at all. Managed to pair my phone and stream some music though! If anyone knows where I can find a manual, I'd be happy to know about it. Seems I can do a few more things like send basic texts and what not. It's a very clean and seemingly well-maintained car, but it is also my first used car in a long while (we've always financed new in the past) and I'm terrified it will fall apart tomorrow The joys of having a severe anxiety condition... I'm trying not to think too much about money or, you know, more than a week into the future. We'll see how it goes anyway, and at least my husband is happy that he no longer has to take the bus plus train to work. And he gets to drive what I call the 'cursed' Jeep. Long story there. Cheers