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  1. This guy removed tesla.made battery from car, charged cells, reinstalled and revived car.
  2. I want to add a small engine to my ED, any ideas, was thinking sprocket to one drive shaft. or just more batteries or generator
  3. love my 2013 smart ed 60 miles max is about right. If in stop and go or slow roads you can go further. Chargers and staying places for hours are the key. It is a pure commuter car, nothing else, but very good at it and can be parked where no car parked before. I mean it!
  4. lower u joint for 2013 smart ED

    are there other than dealer options?

  5. 2013 40k miles, stiff after 4 days of non use. Get easy sometimes then harder. Seems like the needle bearings are ready to die. Heading to dealer in the AM.
  6. my 2013 smart started binding after a couple of times sitting in driveway. Have sprayed a few things on u joints so far, no luck May just get new joints going to try and heat it up