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  1. Yup, definitely needs replaced, this is a temporary fix at best
  2. Thanks to those that helped both here and privately, you saved me a lot of time and money, I installed the sleeve and have it back together, seems to be driving and shifting fine, will have to take it for a good long drive to definitively call this solved, I think ill hold off on the electronic adjustment unless further problems come up, really dont like the look of the clutch fork, will be interesting to see how much time this buys me. Anyone not periodically greasing their actuator needs to start.
  3. Not yet, waiting on a sleeve to attach to the actuator rod, like Smart142 suggested, then i'm gonna take it in for a teach-in, and go from there...
  4. Curious, did some searching but found nothing definitive Would this or any other cheap-ish tools out there be capable of doing clutch teach-ins on 450 CDIs?
  5. I know theres lots of articles out there on the subject, and i've probably read almost all of them, but would like some insight to my specific situation I have a 2006 CDI with 150,000k on it, the car works great aside from the fact the infrequently, yet increasing in frequency, when the car is downshifting, i'll have a loss of power, ill glide to a stop, the 3 bars will come up, ill put it in neutral and put my foot on the brake and can hear the clutch actuator trying to do its thing...after a few seconds of clicking it will eventually come back to N on the display and I can start the car and all seems fine again. Seems to only happen after the car has been driven for a while, will happen in all weather conditions dry or wet makes no difference. I havent had the car long and don't know much of the service history, for all I know it has never had a clutch teach-in done to it I have an appointment in a few weeks with the 'local' MB dealer (6 hour round trip ugh) and before I go and they throw parts at it, would like yours guys opinion, service guy on the phone said it sounds like the actuator itself is bad and said its over $1000 to replace. Thoughts?
  6. Looking to see if anyone has a block heater AC cord that plugs into that funny connector on the front of a Smart 450, just checking to see if anyone has one before I set out to build one, thanks
  7. Hah small world, i'm from Fredericton as well (Nashwaaksis), got hired and this is where they stuck me, actually work in Plaster Rock as a paramedic at the moment, some mornings going to work I don't know if i'm on the highway or in someones potato field... Theyre actually talking about expanding the generating station and digging a second tunnel under the town, its a pretty cool and unique setup, got the grand tour and history lesson from my buddy that is a hydraulic engineer for NB Power
  8. Cadillacman, thank you so much, your post couldn't have explained it better This is my first smart, got it for next to nothing because it had very little power, bottom EGR hose popped off and it wouldnt build boost, working great now!
  9. Can anyone explain the proper way to attach the bottom EGR to intercooler hose? Without taking the whole thing off I can't see how the clip holds the hose in place. Thanks