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  1. I've searched and come up with contradictory info on the Scanguage II for my 2006 450 CDI. On some posts the correct cable for the Scanguage II has some pins missing, another shows that its the one with no pins missing. Which one is the correct one? TIA for your reply.
  2. Hi everyone, just bought a Scanguage II. I have come across a few postings regarding the proper cable needed for a 2006 450 CDI which indicated that a non can bus cable (pins missing) was needed. Then in another it showed the non can bus cable had all the pins. If you could tell me which is which it would be much appreciated. One other thing, while looking at doing some maintenance I noticed that my alternator was enclosed, definitely not like the ones pictured on this site. Could it be a replacement? Its a 2006 Grandstyle. Thanks for your replies.
  3. I know we are in the boonies, but reduced to being cattle guards?? Mine is #193, 275382
  4. Hi Mike, my Grandstyle Cabriolet is #193-last six digits vin-275382
  5. Hi all, just bought a 2006 Fortwo grandstyle 450 cdi cabriolet. It has just under 33,000 kms and looking forward to do some mods to increase efficiency, reliability and fun.