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  1. I've installed the TDC power box and used it for a few days. I can't say that I've noticed a lot more power or torque. There may be a bit more torque as I tried lugging the engine to see if there is more torque and there is a bit more but no night and day difference. I will try adjusting it a bit more to see if it will make a difference but my butt dyno isn't very sensitive. According to TDC it alters a temperature reading so the ecu compensates for the fuel being less dense to increase fueling, it doesn't increase the rail pressure. It's looking like I'll be getting a remap after all.
  2. From what I understand is the Malone map requires a certain type of uploader. The cost of the map usually includes the installation but some Malone dealers are charging a $150 installation fee. If you are computer savvy you could buy a kwp2000+ and upload maps you can find on the net.
  3. I'm using LubeCorp premium diesel plus fuel conditioner. Its supposed to increase the cetane 9-13 points (main reason I got it), increases lubricity, fuel economy and cleans the injectors. Increasing the cetane means the fuel burns easier, faster and more completely which also increases fuel economy. It is also a fuel stabilizer which is a bonus as my cabrio is a three season car. When I first got my smart my fe was around 5 lhk pretty much all in town. Once I started using the conditioner the fe got better and on my last trip to Vancouver, BC it was around 3 lhk. I'm thinking I should be able to hit 600 km per tank now.
  4. While looking at these obd2 magic boxes I found the TDC power box on Amazon for $100. It looks like the one others on this forum have used and liked for the most part. I'll give it a go and see if it can give a bit more power. Maybe this is all I need.
  5. Some more info, Racechipgalaxy no longer has its website so it seems its out of business. Proracing24 and Chippower24 appear to be separate businesses run by single owners in Poland. Proracing24 does about $320,000 worth of autoparts business per year, don't know how much of that is tuning boxes.No financials on Chippower24. The question is are these companies scam operations which disappear after a few years or do they have viable products to sell. After all this I may just get a Malone or Eddy tune after all, at least I'll know what I'm getting.
  6. After doing some more digging, I've found that most of the obd2 plug in boxes are scams (all of the small ones are just resistors and led's). The pro racing one that was made by racechipgalaxy was/is a scam but the identical looking one from proracing24 may not be(?). Both of these were/are made in Poland. Some reviews on the proracing24 obd2 models have been positive but may be fake, placebo effect or it just gives a faster pedal response. The more I look the more murky it gets. The question comes down to whether or not proracing24 is actually racechipgalaxy. So I'm sitting on the fence about this one and the Chippower one. Another thing, there is a proracing24 and a chippower24 website. Is this a coincidence or are they one and the same?
  7. I know that a remap can increase the hp reliably, as smart has done it themselves in later .8l cdi models. Most of the time I go for economy but there are times like merging onto a hiway when that extra hp is helpful. The pros for using these OBD2 boxes is that the remap isn't permanent and that they can use the current conditions (push a reset button) to determine the new remap parameters or use what was used previously. The cost is about the same as a Malone tune (+- $250) but some Malone dealers charge a $150 installation fee. They make a couple of different models of OBD2 boxes (diesel and gas) for many makes and models. I'm leaning towards getting one but I'm going to do a bit more research on them.
  8. I had planned on getting a Malone tune but am now looking at these OBD2 port tuning boxes. They plug into the OBD2 port and have the map loaded in the box. Claim up to 30% increase in hp and torque. The ones I've looked at were Proracing and Chip power. Has anyone tried these? Results? TIA.
  9. I'm looking to add some ride height. I think that you can use 451 rear springs to add an inch or so but I don't know about the front. A slightly more compliant ride is all I want.
  10. What I've done as a preventative measure is to cut m10x1.5 threads on the rod and added a nylon acorn nut (with a dab of lucas red & tacky grease on installation). I haven't put very much mileage on it but so far it shifts fine. Will pull it off to check for wear and tear and if it's too much I have brass acorn nuts for back up. I'm actually looking for the nylon nut to wear and not the fork as the nut is easier to change. I may have to change it frequently but it beats having to change the fork.
  11. I've got an appointment to get a Malone tune. Those of you who had this done did the shop need the car for a whole day (said it may be a problem getting the map over the net)? The place I'm getting it wanted me to leave it overnight to make sure map got installed and to install a blanking plate for the egr, which I've already done. Is this the standard procedure for getting the remap? Thanks for any replies.
  12. I'm looking to add a bypass oil filter. Has anyone done this? Pros/cons? Also wondering where to connect a return line from the bypass filter.
  13. Apologies in advance if this has been covered. I relocated the turn signals back to the headlights and wired in the side marker lights as well. The old turn signal became my DRLs. While doing the wiring on the side markers I saw a couple of cut wires and wonder if one of those would turn on the side markers with the ignition? I also replaced the low beam (H7) with led ($22 Aliexpress, high beams are on the way), but I still disabled them. I'm planning on getting another 450 and will be doing this mod as well as all the other pm recommended. Thaks to the community for all the help and inspiration that this forum has given me.
  14. When removing the actuator do you leave it in N or 1 or R? I am planning to add a nylon acorn nut to the rod. I'm using nylon as I want the nut to wear rather than the clutch fork.
  15. I've searched and come up with contradictory info on the Scanguage II for my 2006 450 CDI. On some posts the correct cable for the Scanguage II has some pins missing, another shows that its the one with no pins missing. Which one is the correct one? TIA for your reply.