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  1. I used a SS blocking plate (with "ears" so it can be slipped in with just loosening the bolts) at the EGR, and left the EGR plugged in.
  2. I got a set of all weather Kumho tires from Quattro tire . Very good prices and Canadian to boot.
  3. Just thought I'd let you know the results of my actuator preventive maintenance. I had cut threads (M10x1.5) onto the actuator rod and installed a nylon acorn nut. I thought that nylon would reduce the friction and would be the wear part saving the fork. Even though it has only a couple thousand kms on it, I pulled it out to check for wear. I found very little wear but found possible stress crack (or not, maybe just dirt) at where the rod end reaches the end of the threads of the nut. To remedy this possible weak point I re-installed a new nut with a small hole in the center and added grease in it. I tighted the nut fully (by hand) when re-installing (causing some grease to come out). Will check again in a few thousand kms provided we aren't locked down again. The car only has about 36,000 kms on it now, so the fork and rod were in very good condition and with this mod should extend its life by a significant amount. Will be doing this mod on my other car that has 60,000 kms on it.
  4. If you're like me and need to see how its done to understand, go to Youtube. Search under "Smart 450 cdi bulb replacement". I opted to take off the front panels as I also wanted to do the euro and side marker turn signal mod as well as led headlights and making the regular turn signals into DRLs.
  5. In most cases you can just replace the nozzles (around $50/60 each). I think there are Bosch ones on Amazon or on Ali express.
  6. I can't access my cd player (radio works), it just goes to Aux. It may have occured at the same time the paddle shifters stopped working. I got the paddle shifter back by pulling both paddles at the same time as suggested on several posts. TIA.
  7. Aliexpress has a kit of 50 pcs 7mmx15mmx1.5mm injector washers for about $15 shipped. May take up to 2 months to arrive though, on the other hand saves you a drive to the dealer.
  8. I've been going through this forum looking for possible preventive maintainence items and came across the fuel guage countdown. I have never seen this in my car, it goes blank (no blob showing) "empty" and there is no other info regarding the fuel. The first couple of times I filled up soon after seeing "empty", I only put in 15-16 liters to fill up. This is a bit annoying adding a fuel stop too early, especially on longer trips (I carry a 5L can now). How do I enable the countdown? I forgot to add my engine light is on constantly, I'm thinking this just happened but I only drove it for a month or so last year (summer car only) and can't remember if it was on then. I know I got oldtimer's disease. lol TIA.
  9. Move to BC. We can cross (land and sea only) using an enhanced drivers licence, which costs extra and has to be renewed at the same office that you originally got it and there are only a few offices in BC, mainly in the lower mainland (Vancouver etc) and only large cities in the rest of BC.
  10. I'm new to smart cars but from what I know (my $0.02 -0.015 USD) there aren't any differences between 2005 and 2006 450 cdi, other than the block heater was standard on 2006 cars coming into Canada. A few body panels are different only between the Cabrio and Coupe. Mirror placement is the same.
  11. There is something wrong as you should have the door unlock when you pull on the handle. You can disable the auto-locking by pressing the red button on top of the middle of the dash at the same time hit the unlock button on the remote. To enable do the same as above but hit the lock button on the remote.
  12. I've looked in the usuall places plus the battery box, but I haven't taken up all the carpet or opened up the rear cargo panels.
  13. I must be sick. I was just on Craigslist thinking I really need a real parts car! arhgg
  14. Neither of the cars have the override tools, unless they are hidden somewhere.
  15. Its even more contagious than Covid 19 and expensive to boot.