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  1. I've looked in the usuall places plus the battery box, but I haven't taken up all the carpet or opened up the rear cargo panels.
  2. I must be sick. I was just on Craigslist thinking I really need a real parts car! arhgg
  3. Neither of the cars have the override tools, unless they are hidden somewhere.
  4. Its even more contagious than Covid 19 and expensive to boot.
  5. LOL Unfortunately the new to me car runs a bit better than the "good" one (which has developed a clunk on the rhs, guessing a broken coil).
  6. Geez, that sounds like work. I need a short cut.
  7. This was an estate sale so they had no idea on what the problem could be. It had been parked for the past 4 or 5 years. The key fob and the interior button have no effect on the top. I was hoping that it was a known fault.
  8. I bought myself another Grandstyle cabrio this summer to use as a "winter beater". At time of purchase the top and A/C didn't work. It seems to have a bit more power than my other car, so thinking it may have been remapped (or is it the K&N filter?). It only has 60,000 kms on it, so now I'm thinking about fixing it up and using it as my daily driver. Could there be a simple fix for the top? Where should I start looking? TIA.
  9. Could the washer used on the actuator be catching on the shift fork? I think most people have used an acorn nut (welded or threaded the rod) to fix the holing issue. The round top of the acorn nut more or less fits in the dimple of the fork. I think I'm using an M10 nylon acorn nut threaded on as a preventative measure, no hole in the shift fork. I will be taking the actuator out to see what kind of wear I have and may switch to a brass acorn nut.
  10. Thats why I buy electric mowers, plus my yard is really small, but the electric motors they're using now are dropping in quality like the small gas engines. I'm burning out lawnmowers every 3 or 4 years and it takes me only 30/40 minutes to do both front and backyards. I think Briggs and Stratton are in bankruptcy now.
  11. I've installed the TDC power box and used it for a few days. I can't say that I've noticed a lot more power or torque. There may be a bit more torque as I tried lugging the engine to see if there is more torque and there is a bit more but no night and day difference. I will try adjusting it a bit more to see if it will make a difference but my butt dyno isn't very sensitive. According to TDC it alters a temperature reading so the ecu compensates for the fuel being less dense to increase fueling, it doesn't increase the rail pressure. It's looking like I'll be getting a remap after all.
  12. From what I understand is the Malone map requires a certain type of uploader. The cost of the map usually includes the installation but some Malone dealers are charging a $150 installation fee. If you are computer savvy you could buy a kwp2000+ and upload maps you can find on the net.
  13. I'm using LubeCorp premium diesel plus fuel conditioner. Its supposed to increase the cetane 9-13 points (main reason I got it), increases lubricity, fuel economy and cleans the injectors. Increasing the cetane means the fuel burns easier, faster and more completely which also increases fuel economy. It is also a fuel stabilizer which is a bonus as my cabrio is a three season car. When I first got my smart my fe was around 5 lhk pretty much all in town. Once I started using the conditioner the fe got better and on my last trip to Vancouver, BC it was around 3 lhk. I'm thinking I should be able to hit 600 km per tank now.
  14. While looking at these obd2 magic boxes I found the TDC power box on Amazon for $100. It looks like the one others on this forum have used and liked for the most part. I'll give it a go and see if it can give a bit more power. Maybe this is all I need.
  15. Some more info, Racechipgalaxy no longer has its website so it seems its out of business. Proracing24 and Chippower24 appear to be separate businesses run by single owners in Poland. Proracing24 does about $320,000 worth of autoparts business per year, don't know how much of that is tuning boxes.No financials on Chippower24. The question is are these companies scam operations which disappear after a few years or do they have viable products to sell. After all this I may just get a Malone or Eddy tune after all, at least I'll know what I'm getting.