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  1. tolson... too much time on hand? Yes I did a 10 Nautical Miles torque while waiting for a smart guy to comment!
  2. 8footdieselpusher.... I have the same problem as you described. Bought a new to me actuator and still makes the same clicking noise...louder when in reverse. Shows also 2 wrenches on the dash after trying a couple times. The initial symptoms were a bit different - it started to shift rather harsh and when I stopped, selected reverse, the clicking/rocking motions started. I have all the "other" electronic parts from a broken engine...thinking of just swapping these parts and then see.... Any other recommendation to solve this issue? I would love to have it running after buying it!
  3. Looked a bit more into my problems re not getting it into gear/drive; I got another clutch actuator; installed it and there is still the same issue with the car - when putting it into gear the gearbox makes / starts rocking and clicking noises - it becomes louder when shifting into reverse. All in all it will not move. On the dash it also will show eventually 3 wrenches. I tried pushing while in gear etc etc no avail, car is not moving under power. Brakes are good and not seized, can push the car very easy. Is there any adjustments I have overlooked? When installed the new actuator I followed the guideline to move the actuator into the gearbox and then pressed the actuator with 10 NM into and locked it. Any other help is appreciated - getting to a point of selling and forgetting being "Smart".
  4. Thank you all for the response to my problem. Not sure, I Googled before asking, that lead me to this Club page. However, nothing solved yet. Tried to download a repair manual for the specific model/year/ no avail! Nor did other manuals gave me a hint what might be the issue with this now not so smart Smart! Any other hint, advise is appreciated. I take all comment with a grain of salt as they are all with good intentions as some of us have more of time than others...
  5. Where is the access point for filling the fluid and do you know what transmission fluid it has to be? Dextron or ?
  6. Hello, new here...purchased last week a 2006 Pulse, Diesel, but it cannot seem to shift or move anymore. engine runs and the gearbox kind of wants to go but slips (?). There is a loss of engine and or gearbox oil evident under the car. As I have no idea nor a manual for the Smart, can someone answer me the following: Is the gearbox and engine oil filler the same (ie engine); what oil is being used in the gearbox, if any? And where is the fill spout located? Is the only dipstick one for the engine oil? Yes I know, stupid ...but rather than advise is needed. If there is an expert in Nova Scotia....would be great to hear of him. Perhaps I got taken and bought a real heap of junk...but it looked so good, haha... Pm or comment pls. Thanks!