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  1. Hi just got my 08 passion about 2 months ago love the lil beast and was wondering is there a way to turn the traction control off for driving in snow...I don’t want to mess my car up in anyway any help would be greatly appreciated thanks Vman
  2. Do u have the retractable trunk cover I have noticed a noise comein from that where it sits in the indentions on the sidewalls behind the seats or the part that slides to lock n unlock to remove
  3. Hi any guidance on how to service or maintain the acuator winter is comein and I don’t want to b crawling on ground working on the 08 lil blue beast lol thanks for any info.....Vman
  4. Hello, Just wanted to introduce myself and enjoy the site. My name is Virgil I just purchased a 08 passion which I have wanted since I 1st seen them. Looking forward to contribute to the club.