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  1. Don and Wally's

    I was just there for something else and noticed a smart car waiting so asked if they service Smart Cars. YES they do so I have found where I will take mine for service and oil changes etc. I have used them for other vehicles and found them to be very fair and honest~~~ so will use for my New to Me Smart Car.
  2. Hi, Live West of Boston MA, bought a 2009 Smart Car with 64,000 miles on her. Have a few questions 1) does everyone else think it is very sluggish in Automatic but great in shifting mode? 2) HOW ABOUT SOME SHOCK ABSORBERS, yikes that will shake your teeth when hitting bumps/road pits!!! I am surprised that something does not break when that occurs 3) anyone tow behind a motorhome with the Smart Car? I am going to so have a few questions. LOVE this car when I use it in shifting mode for sure except when I hit a bump. ALSO having trouble with the coating on the painted parts just coming off like skin peeling from sunburn, anyone else?