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  1. I talked to Eddie today at flying tiger I'm going to have it remapped by him. I found a company to make me some injectors I was thinking like 20% over factory but Eddie didn't seem to think they would make any more power. anyone have any experience with some performance injectors? I know they are not made for power but I want to push the limits of the little thing to see what it can do.
  2. I guess I'm wondering if you need the cast elbow for more back pressure since the bend or if it really matters? that was my old car I sold it and regretted every minute of it, just bought a cabriolet diesel
  3. hello I am new to the forum and this is my second smart and I want to modify it of course. I have some pictures from the last smart I owned but the question is, is it better to leave the cast elbow from the turbo or directly bolt exhaust up to there. I like to make my own stuff to save cost and I'm very capable of doing it so here are some pictures from the last one. I would like to do performance injectors and a turbo in the feature on the new one. does anyone have any insight on turbos or injectors for these things
  4. hey guys joining from iowa just purchased another smart cdi i love these things im looking to make some big power out of this one hopefully!