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  1. Hi Redog I have 2004 Smartcar . I'm in Illinois about 20 miles from St Louis mark
  2. Thought this was interesting info on the first generation USA smartcars as of 2007 the number of imported was 1025 that were either 2004 2005 or 2006 models of which 20% were cabrios and the rest coupes. These were all imported by Ron Gaus. I Don't know how many other early cars were imported as where in the country. Has anyone heard or have one of the medallions that were produced These have the vin number, model year and release number as provided by the department. Found this info in some paperwork with my 04 car. Mark
  3. Glenn. Thank you! That was so very kind of you. Mark
  4. It's black and silver cabriolet with a/c , power windows and automatic stick shift. Is there any place to an owners/ service book for it? It came with just a cd and a small amount of paper Thanks,Mark
  5. Hi Mike It's 179522 mfg in 1/2004 Mark
  6. Hi New to smart ownership.We purchased a 2004 convertible with 14xxx miles on it and we are really enjoying it. I'm in the Midwest (USA) Looking forward to learning about it. Mark