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  1. Gonna try that then if that fails going to remove the head! Have to find the thread on timing
  2. Got the injectors tested by a fuel injector tester with a Bosch machine.
  3. Either electric problem or maybe the head needs to come off to be sure.
  4. No I cranked it while my neighbour who is a mechanic checked each one
  5. Was thinking the cylinder without glow plug was filling with fuel. Without constriction it fires right up.
  6. I think if that controls the injectors may be it?!?
  7. Wanted to check valves and cam
  8. Yes alternator is fine. I had all injectors tested they are fine I took valve cover gasket off and everything is fine. I pulled all glow plugs they are all fine. So today it started without cylinder 3's glow plug in!?!?! I'm very frustrated!!! I know it's getting fuel but am wondering if my SAM is making cylinder 3 injector stay open!?!? Help!!