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  1. Any tips on removing the gas lines, other than lots of paper towels to soak up the diesel?
  2. I have a 2006 CDi, which is running in limp mode. The tech at the service department identified the high pressure fuel pump as the culprit. Instead of forking out the nearly 2K to have them replace it, I'd like to try and have a go at removing it myself, replacing the seals and re-installing. If anyone could share documentation specific to the HPFP, it would be greatly appreciated. Any suggested tips as well? Thanks
  3. I see a Bosch available in the UK for under $600 CAD Has anyone looked at aftermarket fuel pumps? fuel-injection-pump-high-pressure-pump
  4. Just ordered an eBay version. Thanks the the files though...I keep them for future reference
  5. Can anyone suggest new front strut and spring set, prebuilt? I'd prefer not to buy from the dealer, so appreciate any suggestions.