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  1. no time to check the out the heads so I got the convertible smart on the road today to busy at work to check the heads maybe on days off at Christmas and thanks for the input about the valves
  2. newer injectors installed,got the glow plugs working (control box). Devised a compression tester cylinder one (270) cylinder two (0) cylinder three (90) psi thinking in going to have to go deeper and remove the head and check the valves. Any other ideas before I drop the engine?
  3. You will need new copper washers/fire seals from the dealer to reinstall. They are inexpensive my nearest dealership is 300kms away
  4. car turns over checked alternator (spins freely) replaced Ebox no change checked egr it is clear no blockage, fuel pressure is good glow plugs not working (I have it in the garage 20c in there should start) tried to check compression but my compression tester wont fit down into glow plug hole. battery is fully charged and I set it to boost when trying to start motor spins a little faster on boost but no start!! I bought the car dead have no history on this car. I do have another smart cdi that was in accident that ran perfect that I can remove parts from. both cars are 2005 diesel cdi 90k on smashed car 115k on car that wont start. any help getting this car started would be great. wont start with starting fluid either