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  1. Awesome, good to know!!
  2. Do you still have your Smart ED? I am looking to have mine services in the next month before my warranty runs out and Halifax is the closest location (then Quebec City). Just curious as when I called them they look a few months to get pricing, and doesn't seem like they are as familiar with the ED,
  3. This is what I ended up going with - will post more if anyone is interested. Curt Trailer Hitch 11020 for $264.00 Trailer Hitch Installation for $80.00 Thule Doubletrack 990XT Double Bike Carrier for $320.00 on sale For a total of $850 (ish) I am pretty happy with the results. The hitch does sit an inch or so lower than the car, so need to be mindful of steep slopes or potholes. I also put the strap in the link below underneath the rear trunk hatch that sticks out an inch or so, for an additional strap to go around the post of the bike carrier for additional support (recommended by Curt).
  4. Yeah I seen that one as well. And your right the OEM rack is the frame, plus the add - on. The $250.00 was JUST the installation, I had found one on Kijij that I was considering for $350.00 (dealer wanted just over a thousand). I ended up ordering a trailer hitch, and I will purchase a hitch bike rack.. At least that way I can remove everything but the hitch in the winter.
  5. Anyone have or had an OEM bike rack? I'm looking on purchasing one, and curious if I need to get it installed at the dealership? I can't seem to find proper documentation anywhere on what is needed to be done. I know it utilizes the tow hooks, but also attaches to the frame, which is the unclear part. Do it yourself? Or leave it to the dealer? (The dealer wants approx. $250.00 plus tax for installation - worth it?) Thanks!
  6. Thank you all - this is extremely useful!!
  7. That's what I'm thinking as well, that maybe I'm not getting a full charge with a 110V, however it does stop, and show 100%. I may have to ask the dealer when it's time for my maintenance maybe.
  8. I drove 40km and when I got home I had just a smidge below 60% left of the gauge in addition to the predicted range being 55km. I never rely on the estimated or predicted change as it varies so much with driving patterns, I rely heavily on the gauges on the dash.
  9. I'm sorry if this question was already asked, I did a search but couldn't find anything specifically. I'm looking to see if anyone has had any range differences when charging at a 110V vs. 240V. Recently it's been a bit warmer here in NB between -10 and 5 degrees, and I've been getting about 70-75 km per charge at 100% ECO. On the weekend I was in town and charged at a 240V NB power charger, and on the way home my car got 95km, which is significantly more than what I was getting previously during the same driving conditions. Has anyone else had this happen? This makes me want to install a 240V charger if that's the case!
  10. I've been running my car at -25 degrees each day in New Brunswick and I'm getting between 60-80km per charge depending on how much I use the heater. (I don't leave it on, I cycle it when my windows start frosting up, and when it's on it's on 1 at 22 degrees), and dress warm!! I park it in the garage at night, and charge it using a 110V plug.
  11. I have a 2014, and have run it in temperates as low as -35, and it's never taken more than 2 minutes to start heating.
  12. Hi All, I was thinking of getting a bike rack for the back of my Smart Electric Drive, curious if anyone else has one, what style is it, where did you get it, and how much does it decrease your range? Thanks in advance!
  13. Yeah I've noticed a bit already, it's gone as low as -15 with the wind chill and I'm getting about 90km per charge. The car has 26,000km but I am not 100% sure if the previous owner did the 20,000km service, and with my warranty running out at the end of May, I want to have the dealer look at it for piece of mind. Heated floor mats are a great idea!!
  14. Sort of - but not really. I did test drive three different used models from a local dealer here in New Brunswick and tested them each one for about 2 weeks. I have a drive of about 80km into town each day on the highway so range anxiety was a big thing for me. I'm lucky to work in a place where they allow me to charge the car during work hours, to make winter driving with heated seats, and defrost running much easier. I guess knowing that I can't drive more than 100km and couldn't make it to any Smart Centers on a single charge, or without taking a significant amount of time I fully expected to have to truck and trailer my car to a center for yearly maintenance anyways.
  15. Hi All, i recently purchased a 2014 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive and curious if anyone else in NB has one, if so where do you get it serviced? I called Saint John Mercedes and they mentioned they were not currently set up to perform the recommended maintenance, so I'm thinking I may need to go to Quebec if Moncton and Halifax cannot service either.. Recommendations? Thanks!