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  1. Hi everyone. I am a newbie and a little rare, I guess because I live in UK and drive a RHD 2002 Smart Passion convertible ( maybe known as City Cabrio in US?). I have a problem after I disconnected the battery and the odomoter converted to km and the temperature gauge to Fahrenheit. I have access to a Snap On Verso.... any way that I can revert these settings? Any help will be much appreciated.
  2. Not too bad. I delivered a vehicle to Aberdeen this time last year. Worst part is south of Glasgow where they seem to have run out of money for the road improvements. But not in my Smart, I think!!
  3. Hey thanks Tolsen. My daughter will be on hols from uni very soon and wants to visit Scotland in the winter. But I think even the heated seats in my Smart will not encourage me to try that!! But I might well come there soon and share a few pints of 40 shilling with you. And if you choose to visit Torquay any time we have a great local micro brewery near my home.... All the best, Dave
  4. Thanks LLN I edited my post