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  1. Never once, ever hit 600 km on a tank. I don't think I've even hit 500 km. I know that I can hit 500 but I don't want to drive it until it says 0 L till empty. I now only fill it until it clicks as not to spill fuel everywhere and waste precious time on filling. I use to, but I found it incredibly difficult to get consistent fills with the car and the range varied so much. All I pay attention to now is the consumption rather than how much I can possibly squeeze into the tank. If I can hit 400 km before the gas pump starts flashing, I'm happy. Usually it comes on before that though. Extrapolating that: 5L remaining would yield at least another 100km. I usually fill up when I pass a gas station that actually sells diesel. Average consumption is around 4-5 L/100 km on my hilly commute at 110-120 kph and usually a predominant headwind one of the directions or both. That's with a significant boost leak and a broken air duct. I'm still happy with that.
  2. Problem with two part epoxies is they are normally hard as glass which means they don't handle things like tortion or vibration very well. IMO, not a good solution for this intercooler without the addition of something like fibre reinforcement. JBWeld would be excellent in a pure tension application which in reality never happens. I'd love to try the soldering method but FWIW, a $299 intercooler brand new solves this problem 100% :S I'll happily donate the old one to whomever wants it and wants to repair it outside the car.
  3. How long for Gorilla Glue to cure? I really have had just such poor results from Epoxy repairs that I just avoid them at all costs.... I was thinking that using some fiberglass cloth in addition to something like gorilla glue would probably hold extremely well. IMO, JB weld is absolute garbage simply because it is so brittle that any vibration, expansion, contraction or shear load seems to kill it instantly. However, paired with some fibreglass cloth it would likely hold up quite well. Flat bar or better yet, some aluminum channel would be ideal to fill in the gaps and provide some strength. Once my girlfriend moves to Medicine Hat, we'll have two cars so I can divulge into this repair and not worry about getting to work for a couple days; should it take longer than a weekend to RE/RE/RE. Thanks all for the help/suggestions.
  4. Tempting to try patching it as suggested above with epoxies. My luck with them has almost always ended in disappointment. Personally if I'm going to spend an afternoon doing a job I'd rather be drinking on my patio, I want to make damn sure that the problem doesn't reoccur next sunday :P. Flying tiger so far had the best price on an IC.
  5. I finally found some pictures of what that damage looks like... Yikes. I think I'm going to order a new intercooler. I don't want to do all that work of getting it apart only to have it continue leaking. Safe bet to replace it and trim the plastic as you've suggested. This thread was helpful, Picture of the type of damage:
  6. Actually come to think of it, that is looking at the fan-side of the intercooler. Is it the fan shroud that wore through the plates?
  7. Hey Henry, thanks for your input. I figured as much.. is the plastic mounting bracket visible in the picture? I believe the intake hose you're talking about (top of the EGR) is visible in the picture as well. There is a groove in that hose. I did do a soap/water test and didn't see any leaking but it is hard to do at operating temperature (evaporation). I'll try again when the car is cold. Sounds like I'm pulling the intercooler... Will have to wait I think.
  8. Took off the I/C fan to replace it this morning (was hitting limp mode inducing IAT's with a broken duct and broken fan). But while I was changing the fan I was looking for boost leaks. I've been hearing whistling ever since climbing a long hill a month ago. It would come and go but now I hear a turbo whistle pretty much every time I'm under partial boost. The squeeky noise goes away sometimes under full throttle or under low boost (low speed crusing or something). If I'm boosting and back off the throttle I start hearing the whistle/squeek. I kinda think the high IAT's killed the IC. For inquiring minds to see how efficient that little fan is when you have a broken intake scoop This is just cresting a small hill at 120 kph and then steady speed. Boost pressure is lower than it was doing these speeds previously because IAT was 80-90C or higher without the scoop and fan working. This is just the fan. It took 5 minutes to change FYI. Really easy.
  9. I thought my headunit was fubarred for a couple weeks...Until I tried pressing this button and the problem went away. The reception on my car is really lousy so if that option is enabled it will constantly search.
  10. You mean the big garbage dump in the sky?
  11. Oil level honestly I haven't checked since Idid the oil change, but that's when I spotted the problem. I had just purchased the car, and the servicing was way overdue. I'll check it again when I do my next service. When I filled it it was slightly high but I hadn't primed the oil filter yet or turned the motor so in my experience it would drop half a litre or so, putting it right above half way. If it's normal, I'll just ignore it. I'll just fill it a little below half way next oil change instead and carry on
  12. For the actuator, once an oil change should be good The vacuum pump you can buy from Princess Auto. Spend the $90 on a good one, don't get the cheapy :S Parts I buy from has a few things listed but not too much... Fun little car when you get it working right, and the fuel mileage is outstanding...Not so good in the snow though, IMO anyways. I came from a Ram 1500 with snowflake rated all terrains, so my opinion is bias. Don't let the diesel bit scare you off of doing your own maintenance. In many ways they are a more simple engine. If you've spent some time hanging around turbocharged gas engines you'll feel right at home. The worst part is the lack of room in the engine bay for this car... Odd things about diesels: They don't get warm super quickly...Seriously, the interior fan is enough to keep the car from hitting full operating temp There is no throttle body valve. No spark plugs And you gotta wait a few seconds before turning the key to ON while the glow plugs warm up. Otherwise, pretty simple
  13. Don't forget the first hybrids weren't cheap either, or the first plug in hybrids. I didn't realize it was 75k canadian, damn. I keep hearing the US price around the office.
  14. looks kinda like that, but not nearly as much oil. Not a drip or anything I'd see on my driveway... just a bit in that area.
  15. Oh, it's a diesel. It kinda looks like a valve... Shit do I have excessive blowby? Car runs fine, no issues starting or anything. Doesn't seem to consume any oil.