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  1. I thought my headunit was fubarred for a couple weeks...Until I tried pressing this button and the problem went away. The reception on my car is really lousy so if that option is enabled it will constantly search.
  2. You mean the big garbage dump in the sky?
  3. Oil level honestly I haven't checked since Idid the oil change, but that's when I spotted the problem. I had just purchased the car, and the servicing was way overdue. I'll check it again when I do my next service. When I filled it it was slightly high but I hadn't primed the oil filter yet or turned the motor so in my experience it would drop half a litre or so, putting it right above half way. If it's normal, I'll just ignore it. I'll just fill it a little below half way next oil change instead and carry on
  4. For the actuator, once an oil change should be good The vacuum pump you can buy from Princess Auto. Spend the $90 on a good one, don't get the cheapy :S Parts I buy from has a few things listed but not too much... Fun little car when you get it working right, and the fuel mileage is outstanding...Not so good in the snow though, IMO anyways. I came from a Ram 1500 with snowflake rated all terrains, so my opinion is bias. Don't let the diesel bit scare you off of doing your own maintenance. In many ways they are a more simple engine. If you've spent some time hanging around turbocharged gas engines you'll feel right at home. The worst part is the lack of room in the engine bay for this car... Odd things about diesels: They don't get warm super quickly...Seriously, the interior fan is enough to keep the car from hitting full operating temp There is no throttle body valve. No spark plugs And you gotta wait a few seconds before turning the key to ON while the glow plugs warm up. Otherwise, pretty simple
  5. Don't forget the first hybrids weren't cheap either, or the first plug in hybrids. I didn't realize it was 75k canadian, damn. I keep hearing the US price around the office.
  6. looks kinda like that, but not nearly as much oil. Not a drip or anything I'd see on my driveway... just a bit in that area.
  7. Oh, it's a diesel. It kinda looks like a valve... Shit do I have excessive blowby? Car runs fine, no issues starting or anything. Doesn't seem to consume any oil.
  8. Anyone know the part numbers for these or equivalent parts? Best just to cut the lines and run a standard check valve from napa? I have oil seeping around the turbo inlet from the pcv.
  9. For now.... Network will grow quickly. The future is coming We work with the major petroleum retailers to retrofit existing stations. They're wise on it, they know it's coming too.
  10. Naw, we bonfire and collision test the tanks. In an accident the only thing that survives is the tank. I work with it daily, its' fairly inert stuff provided you don't supply it with an open flame First car will be next year. Just you'll have only a few stations in Vancouver/Burnaby to fill up at. Mind you, the range is about 600 km so it's worth it. Price is not so much ~$1.00/L gas equivalent.
  11. Wait for the Mirai to go on sale here Better range I know a guy who is building hydrogen stations, once the first one is complete they'll start selling the car. 8 filling stations in the LML and Island by 2024 Should take off rapidly after that.
  12. Title pretty much says it all but there is a performance upgrades section which lightly touches on the actual tuning aspect of a map file. I was thinking there are a few of us here who would be looking to modify maps and share information. It would help greatly to organize those tuning specific questions to one area. Topics might include things like: Map definitions (Map locations, EGR, fueling, timing, etc) Map Sharing - User owned of course, not commercially sold ones. Tips and tricks for achieving a base tune Howto's etc. Software (Winols, EDC Suite, etc.)
  13. For all those who want to can get it to work in windows 10 through a virtual machine. IT IS VERY EASY! I used a free virtual machine called 'Virtual Box' which will work in windows, linux, OSX, etc. Now you need a XP Pro ISO... PM me if you want a download link... If you need them...Follow these instructions or several others on youtube. I used a 5 GB file partion, shouldn't need more than 3 GB for windows XP and a few mb for the drivers... Once you've got it set up you can enable flie transfers and copy/paste the KWP2k+ drivers and software over. Should be pretty easy from there =]
  14. Sounds like a fun project but if you have the space in the truck why not put a real motor in there? A 2L would be a real good mover
  15. It was hard to talk myself out of the ED..That's really what I wanted but the payback period was damn near infinite compared to a $4500 CDI with low KM. CDI works a bit better for long haul trips too The smelly diesel pump kinda sucks... I get around it by using the paper towel they have beside the pump and holding it with that. I think if they kept one vehicle in North America it would be the ED and it would be rebranded as a Mercedes product so that they can apply it to their fleet carbon credits. My $.02. I think the competition in this market is going to heat up though because the big three are in big trouble....They will start selling cheap, small, ED vehicles to offset their pickup sales...