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  1. Do you get any codes from doing this? Is there really any benefit to doing this other than potentially removing soot in your engine?
  2. Awesome! A little cheaper from the dealer after shipping but beats having to go there twice, once to pay and once to pick it up. Ridiculous they won’t just take payment over the phone or bring it in in advance of me picking it up. Looking Ng forward to having a fully functional smart!
  3. Picked up a sweet Diesel with 100,000 km on it. Sold my 2010 dodge ram for the Smart life. I was the resident lighting expert on the ramforumz so hopefully my knowledge can do some good over here Will be retrofitting these crappy headlights shortly and will be sure to post pictures! Andrew
  4. You were correct, $100 is not bad.Only about 10x more than it was for my dodge But still 1/2 of what I expected the dealer to charge for this part.
  5. Working my way through my first tank and my mileage seems on track to barely clear 200 km. Thermostat is malfunctioning however so I'm guessing once I start seeing proper operating temps I'll get better mileage =S
  6. Hi All, my first post on this forum! I just picked up a 2006 Smart CDI. I had it inspected by Flying Tiger prior to purchase but what I missed, and him is well, is the T-stat is stuck wide open. I'm getting 40-60C after a long period of time with 60C being irregular. Where do ya'll buy parts for your Smart? Any good north american online suppliers or local supplier would be great. I generally avoid the stinging that comes with ordering parts from a dealer if I can Thanks, Andrew