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  1. I took the battery out to be tested even though the battery is newer than the car. The battery checked out, it was just dead and not sure why. I am in SC right now and can't check the brake lights until I get back Sunday. Thanks
  2. Will the clutch actuator stop it from starting cause I let someone drive it Friday night and Saturday they called me and said the car wouldn't start so I went with my trailer to get it home and the battery was dead real dead so I took it out to charge it slow over night so now the connection is broken next day put battery in everything is on but don't start and I see 3 bars on dashboard lights so I run bypass wire to starter and car starts right up but no gears so now I'm hearing everything from actuator is bad to need to reset computer because connection was broken to alternator is bad this is getting crazy thanks
  3. car stopped while driving, 3 bars on dash, won't start,
  4. My problem is a little different I don't have power going to the starter I can bypass harness and car starts right up do neutral safety switch tend to go bad on these things???