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  1. H, Ron from Trenton Ont. Canada. I have a 06 fortwo cdi diesel Passion.I have owned it for just over a year. I have replaced the front struts and broken coil springs and refurbished the clutch actuator after 3 bar code. I drove it for a while than came the no shift. I figured it was the actuator again so I removed it , it looked ok and functioned well to my surprise when I into the actuator hole there was just that, a hole right through the clutch pivot arm. to make things worst i now have a no start, it rolls over shakes and shutters but wont start, thinking maybe cps sensor, heard they are bad for that. I replaced the fuel filter. I like Smarty it fun to drive. I have it up on blocks in my shed wondering whether to forge ahead. I have limited mechanical ability but I am not week of heart. Any helpful advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi, Ron from Trenton Ont. Canada, I recently bought my 06 smarty fortwo passion cdi diesel with the excitement of fuel economy. I work on all my cars as best a backyard mechanic can do. I pride myself as having a descent eye for used cars and not scared to work on them as that's all I can afford, e.i.97 Toyota camray 140000 original kl and 98 Dakota sport 327000kl, 07 Mazda 6 340000 kl , all running like a top, But this one has me stumped with 3 bars flashing on dash X5 in the 2 month I have owned it and as lately po401 code EGR valve, next to no heat. Is this common with these cars or have I just got a lemon. I love this car if not only for the thumbs up or long stares or even the point and laughs. Im not giving up on it and I cant find a service manual so any and all help will be greatly appreciate