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  1. Hello, So I wanted to paint the brake calipers on my smart and though: while I'm taking it apart why not change the seals and make it like new. I removed the piston, I removed the inner seal but there was no way I could remove the dust seal. It appears the dust seal is glued to the caliper. Is it? Or does it have some sort of ring holding it in place (I noticed some models have that)? If it does have a ring its pretty well hidden because I cannot find it. I ended up tearing the seal but now I'm facing the issue, I have to remove it all bit by bit to be able to put in the new one. Did any of you attempt to rebuild the brake caliper? How did you remove the dust seal? Thank you.
  2. If I would have read the forums before buying the car I would have never bought it. My god! This car should be named Dumb Piece of Trash. I can't wait to fix it and sell it. ...hopefully I will be able to fix it.
  3. Hello, I have a Smart Fortwo 451, 0.8cc, 54 BHP, 2011 build. I recently rebuild the engine in it, but i ran in to a problem. The pistons i bought to put in the engine do not fit. After doing some research I found out that Smart fitted a type of pistons in the 2007-2009 451s engines and another type in the engines build after starting with the year 2010. My car is a 2011, and I cannot find the pistons anywhere, is there any chance you have the pistons to fit the 2011 engine diesel 451 engine? If not is there any chance you can order the part? I con provide the VIN number if its of any help. VIN = WME4513012K448339 Any thoughts?
  4. Mercedes won't sell you the pistons, only the whole engine. In the UK at least. Maybe is different in other countries, but here they will sell you the whole engine for 3700 pounds. ...more than the whole car second hand. Lol
  5. I don't know the difference between a 450 and a 451 piston. But I can tell you the difference between a 2009-2007 451 cdi and a 2010-2015 451 cdi engine. The 2010 is slightly smaller and shorter. It is only a 2-2.5 mm difference, but because of those 2 mm it won't get in to the bore. The piston head is different too.