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  1. Thank you, Mr. T. Olsen, for your prompt reply. I'll check into those areas mentioned.
  2. I have experienced turbo boost cut-out in temperatures around minus 19 degrees Celsius on three occasions. Can the intercooler ice up? Boost cuts out abruptly, and will not come back on until the car is town-driven (stop and go). Prolonged driving on the 400 series highway (Guelph to London) or (Guelph to Toronto) does not bring turbo back on line. On January 7th, minus 19 Celsius, turbo cut out on steep hill on hwy 25 running at 85 km/h in 5th gear. Turbo stayed off all the way into Toronto. Car sat (engine off) for 2 hours. Plenty of boost getting onto 401 westbound at Weston Road (300 metre entrance lane) (rising from 35 km/h to 100 km/h in about the given distance) outdoor temperature now up to minus 9, fair headwind all the way back to Guelph, sixth gear, fair amount of boost required to maintain 100 km/h and no cut out of boost. Anyone else who has lack of boost that seems to be severe temperature related?