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  1. We we owned our Smart less than 24 hrs before it had its first visit to Glenn’s. We had an airbag light but no codes that my scan gauge would find. Quick trip to London for an airbag issue turned into a test drive, oil and filter change, air filter replacement and a once over while on the hoist. Glenn sure knows his smart cars. But better than that he is a great person to have a conversation with. Can’t wait to sit down and chat some more.
  2. Looking forward to the next one.. It will be our first 😀
  3. Did you notice before you drove it? I have never heard of a dealer doing anything for free.
  4. Thanks we will wave as we drive thru Seaforth tonight on our way back
  5. I think I will leave that one alone 😳 ok I guess I will find out if the rim dia are the same when I pick up the car today. I will have at least a set of rear steel rims available if not tires as well if they are different dia.
  6. Hello All. I know that the offset is different between the 2 rims but anything else different. I have a set of steel rims with snowy installed for a 451 that where given to me. But we just bought a 450. Is it just the rear rims with the different offset?
  7. Well the search is over. Thanks to this forum weather permitting we are picking up our 2006 Grandstyle on Wednesday. Our sure we will be visiting Glenn is the future 😀
  8. Hello All. In the post above the 2005 doesn’t come with a block heater. Is that the same for a 2006?
  9. Don t know if this is the place to post. If not please move. Link
  10. Well we couldn’t make it to the city to let the wife test drive the 09. But another person could so we missed out on it The search continues
  11. Well I went and looked at the 05 and 06 convertibles. Let’s just say that the best part of the day was the drive in the snow. The running car had to be boosted to start and was a total mess inside. The exhaust was rattling like crazy. A code reader was sitting on the passenger seat. I took it around the block and came ba k back to put the code reader to work. Only 10 codes. I guess the 09 it will be.
  12. Thank You Huronlad we are just down the road by Bayfield. We are thinking the same thing. It won't be a daily driver only when the weather permits unlike a day like today and to be towed behind our motorhome. We really wanted a convert but they all seem to be taken or over priced by our standards.
  13. The decision has been made to buy our first Smart. We have test driven and really like a 2009 passion. Like everything about it but the silver on silver. Just under $3 k 95000km But now we have been offered 2005 convertible 125000km running but needs brakes and 2006 convertible not running ( say fuse box issues). 195000k. For $2400 but have not done any hard negotiating Have looked at them yet as it would be a 4 hr drive there and back. Love the idea of convertible and the green. But not so keen on getting a real potential project. Any ideas All welcome.
  14. Thank You Smart 142.
  15. Thank You Tolsen. Sorry about the auto spell earlier