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  1. Start time 630 Albion Hotel and Restaurant 1 Main StreetBayfield, Ontario Info: 1. Lisa and Rob 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
  2. We are very sorry. We can not make tonight’s supper. Circumstance beyond our control 😔 The reservations are under Sanders. Again we are so sorry.
  3. Ok I’m a Newbie. What is a mystery run. Noah we have never meet or chatted. But Mercedes is not a nice place to visit or talk about buying a Smart Car. They need people like you. Our experience was not very fun.
  4. The decision has been made that we will get an ED. So one of our cdi’s has to go. 2006 Grandstyle Cabrio. 194000km. Silver and Green. Car runs great. Was a daily driver until I got the passion. 194000km Really don’t want to sell this car. 😞 2005 Passion Silver and Blue. Factory Sunroof leather heated seats. Alpine stero with Bluetooth and mic. New front rotors and pads. Almost new intercooler installed last week. Paddle shifter steering wheel installed. Waiting for Uncle Glenn to get his Star machine fixed to activate. 114000km. New daily driver. Winter steel rims and snow tires negotionable. Asking $3750 for either car. Once one sells the other will be taken off the market. PM for pictures and details. I cant uploads both cars do to file size.
  5. I’m wondering if that one is only for guests at the Inn?
  6. 2005 Passion 112000km Our Smart has no boost once up to temp. Went to the Smart car meet up last night and it was very noticeable on lack of power. The scan gauge shows a max boost of 176. It will up shift around 4500 rpm in standard but boost is no more than 176. Took it for a drive today and I didn’t let it warm up. Normally I let it idle for 15 mins or so and usually have one bulb/38c on scan gauge. Today I didn’t let it warm up. I had normal boost. 195 as per the scan gauge. As it got up to temp max boost was again 176 max. It is also very hard to start on the fist start of the day. Cranks a lot and usually takes 2 attempts. Lots of white exhaust and idles a little rough. For a couple of minutes. Glow plugs are on a lot longer than our 06. But the glow plug light doesn’t come on after the car is started. The car is started only after the glow plug light goes out. Every other start of the day is normal no matter how long the car sits. I forgot. Engine light not on. No codes shown on my scan gauge.
  7. You were 100% correct. It was the intercooler. It must of just happened. As there was lots of oil but it hadn’t stated to drip yet.
  8. I believe you just press it once. It is a huge pain in the
  9. Heading to Uncle Glenn for 9 am appointment. Will update later on hopefully what we find.
  10. I let it run manly to get the electric seats warm. I know it will never get up to temp idling. But I like a warm butt when I crawl in 😀
  11. Nothing in the lane way. Wouldn’t a hole in the intercooler always leak? Not just when it got up to temp?
  12. I drive county highways with stop signs and small towns. The speed limit is 60-90 km. So I’m driving 60-110km. One way 138km. I upshift at 3000 rpm and try and stay above 2000rpm. I found better fuel mileage at 2800 in 5th than at 1900 rpm in 6th as it is bogging. We just picked up our 2005 passion. We already have a 2006 Grandstyle. Same engine but it shits a lot different. Both have been remapped but I don’t know if it is the same tune. Also the egr has been foooled in the Grandstyle. Egr still working on the Passion. The passion likes to be shifted around 3200 or it a dog on the upshift. But on the maiden voyage the passion showed 3.8l/100km on the 89km trip home. Mostly highway. Also the boost on the Grandstyle will reach 215 and Passion 198 as per the scan gauge. So I’m assuming better turbo on the Grandstyle
  13. I have only had my Smart since late December. But the worse mileage I have gotten was 4.6l/100km. Now I’m averaging 3.6. The difference is I finally figured out how to shift and not buying diesel at a particle station. For what ever reason my fuel economy suffers when I buy fuel from them. I now buy Shell diesel and get much better mileage. Also when I burn 50% jet fuel my mileage is the same.
  14. I absolutely love them. Only use the stick for neutral and reverse. In fact my new to me 05 doesn’t have them so I’m having Glenn install them.
  15. Only have 1 Smart? When you can have 2. I owned my first Smart for less than 24 hrs before it went to Smart142. This one was less than an hour. Glenn is going to give it the once over and install paddle shifters. Can’t wait till I get her back.
  16. This is what I’m using. you can also buy it at CT. I use it in every fill up. Why bc I have no idea what the previous owner did or didn’t do. I’m also running every other tank 50% diesel 50% jet fuel. I add the same amount of engine oil as additive as the jet fuel has no lubricants add. I’m a aircraft mechanic so every now and again I get 45 gals of jet fuel given to me. As as for the radio I’m interested as well. I would like Bluetooth No idea on the shift knob
  17. Well that makes sense then. Thank You
  18. I thought 2016 where 453. This car is advertised as a 2016 but it looks like a 451. Did they switch body styles part way thru the year?
  19. So the fog lights that I have are after market then? I also have a button on my a pillar that turns them on and off. Also noticed they don’t turn off when the high beams are in. All of this normal?
  20. Yup there is a cable that screws in and plugs into a normal 110v extension cord. I had trouble finding a used one. I think they are $120 from smart. Some people remove it and put a regular block heater cord on. Also on the passenger floor side you should find a normal 110 outlet that is connected to the plug on the front. I put a small ceramic heater inside the car when it is cold. That way the block heater is warming the engine and the heater is warming the car.
  21. I’m positive I have read a post by smart142 on an arm test install. Also Evilution has a section on arm rests. If you have signed up on Evilution I would suggest it highly. i haven’t been here long but what I have discovered is almost any question you have has been answered 3 times in previous posts. I spend more time on the search function than any other part of the forum.
  22. Would you buy a low km lease return from a Benz dealer. How about buying with no warranty and is 2 yrs/120000km warranty worth $2400? Thanks.
  23. Anyone looking for a 2018? electric drive/st. catharines/ontario/5_36742559_on20080114123453789/?showcpo=ShowCpo&orup=1_15_15&pc=N0B 1M0&sprx=100
  24. Anyone have information on the battery test. I can’t anything online. Is this something the dealer performs?