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  1. Have a look at : you will see lots off them
  2. They came in a lot of combinations And offcourse you can give youre own twist to it.
  3. I started a new facebook groep with the name: Smart Roadster Canada. So join if you are interested
  4. I use Tinypics, and most the times it works just fine, I think they are having problems at the server site.
  5. Some more off the Red Roadster.
  6. I will try again :-)
  7. I emailed west coast Shipping yesterday,and I got a answer today,they will contact me on monday. So let's see what they say.
  8. Glenn and Liz where here and we drove the Roadster back ..... We had a nice day, we did a small tour ,and we visited Edwin to see the red Roadster Coupe. It was so nice meeting Glenn and Liz, I wish you both a great flight back to Canada! Here are some pictures of today
  9. Thank you MikeT, I requested quotes from 5 transport companies in Rotterdam(Rotterdam is the biggest harbour in Europa) $2000 cad dollar is 1322 euro what is almost the half!. This makes a big difference! Can you help me out on this one? you have experience with shipping from Europe. it would be nice if you gave me an address or phone number from a schipping company in Bremershaven who will do a shipping for $2000 cad dollar. I speak German , Englisch and Dutch so that's no problem. Thank you very much if you would like to do this. Please let me know MikeT
  10. Today Glenn and Liz where back in Vlissingen! We had a meet at the Boulevard ,great story's about the Roadster adventures! I think they are in love...............
  11. Nice to hear that the Roadster is to your likings :-) And have fun today, the sun is there all day!
  12. So nice to hear That Glenn and Liz are having a good time with the Roadster And I understand this .......The Roadster is very different compared with a 450 diesel. Next week I will let Glenn and Liz drive mine Roadster, just to get a feelling of a tuned Roadster. Will be fun :-)
  13. Good to hear that you and Lizz are having a good time with the Roadster. And YES the Roadster is made for twisty back Roads, this is where she is made for For the lugage maybey the Red Coupe was better............ http:// But we went for the nice black Notch. Some like the Notch....other the Coupe..... I like the notch
  14. Of course I am crazy about the Roadster I love the little BabyBenz I am so crazy about the Little one that I organized the biggest Roadster event in Europe. and if it is the largest meeting in Europe, it is also the biggest in the world! It's a 2 days event ,and we are having 150 Roadsters here in Vlissingen! With live Music, BBQ, tuning onsite, and lots more! Check out this site! I hope Glenn and Liz will be here in September
  15. Haha, I think I know how you mean :-)