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  1. We had a meet last weekend with 160+ Roadsters from all over Europe :-)
  2. we will have a meeting in Vlissingen 1-2 september. It's the biggest Meeting in Europe. Just to give you guy's an idee.....
  3. We have wunderfull weather so I'm driving the Roadster open for 3 weeks now !
  4. YES I went for the flag for Glenn and Lizz! Wunderfull Smart Roadster folks !
  5. The Smart Roadster Zeeland group was at the party at Hambach! It was very nice :-) Meeting so many Smart people was great! It's a nice habit that they will give a way the flags off all country's! And yes there was the flag of Canada! But there was nobody from canada...................... I have a bond now with the Canadians, so I went for the Flag :-) Hope you don't mind
  6. Haha ,you would love it Glenn But who knows....... Maybey there's a Roadster meeting next year in Canada! That would be great
  7. And next weekend we will have SmartTimes in Hambach at the factory! Lots of Smarts coming back "home" Will be fun. And I got a nice email from Smart Shall I posted some pictures here next weekend??
  8. Last week i was at a Roadster Meeting in Dusseldorf (Germany) Very nice 45 Very nice Roadsters.
  9. Some pictures off today 's meeting The Collector's edition was really awesome!
  10. We are not trying to export Ferrari's! The prices are good :-) And we have nice Roadsters. Good you bring me in contact?
  11. Have a look at : you will see lots off them
  12. They came in a lot of combinations And offcourse you can give youre own twist to it.
  13. I started a new facebook groep with the name: Smart Roadster Canada. So join if you are interested