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  1. It's a Gasoline engine (98) ,I did not know that the gasoline version was not sold in Canada........................ I'm not feeling very happy right now...................... I was in canada for work one time and I loved it!(I was in Halifax) So nice people and so open minded, I really liked that week I was There! Best option maybe is to go and live in Canada???? (But it's so cold)
  2. I know that if you have a good Roadster they are very reliable. The current Roadster I'm driving for the last 2 years never let me down,no warning lights no nothing. And I drive the Roadster Summer and winter. Imported in this matter is that there is a Smart specialist in Canada how has knowledge about the 450. The 450 has the same electronics and motor management as the Roadster. This Dealer could than be a service location for the Roadster. performs like a 1950s sports car ????????????? Sorry Mike....................if you go and drive the Roadster in the roundabouts not many cars will follow you!!! Today I got some prices for the schipping cost.................they are quite high..... Hmmmm Not so good
  3. Thank you for your answers It's nice to look into this. About the examples above mentioned: The Japanese Roadster ,is a LHD ,I think this is not relevant for the Canadian market. It has a Brabus button on the gearschift and a Brabus fuel cap, but it's not a real Brabus. It's a standard Roadster with Brabus Add on's. That is no problem because the sellers doesn't advertise him as a REAL Brabus. The one in England with 3 pictures is very cheap,(3400 CD) But there is a big But. I have been looking around for Roadsters for quite a time now, and if they are cheap you must wunder why are these Roadsters so cheap? Sometimes I drove many miles to buy a Roadster, and the advert would say it's a great Roadster. I would call the owner and ask about the condition of the Roadster, everything 100 %! Then when you are finally there to make the deal....................... Ochh yeah small problem with the engine............ I always take my MB star with me to check the Roadster. So then you can turn around and leave it, that's the best you can do. So more about prices........ Sometimes people come to me in the parkinglot and ask me what a Roadster would cost. My answer is somewhere between 3000 CD and 30.000 CD. Then you can see on there faces that they don't understand. I will try to explain this: A Roadster in a very bad condition with high mileage you can buy for 3000 CD. (If you have a lot off spare time and you have access to spare parts and you are handy and if you have the money to fix it, this is your Roadster!) A Roadster in a better condition with lower mileage will start at say 6000 CD. A Roadster in a good condition with lower mileage and with full option will go for 7500 CD and up. A Roadster in a very good condition with lower mileage and with full option can also go for 10.000 CD (this would be a Roadster that is only used in summer and taken care off like a baby) Then we come to the Brabus sections A Brabus Roadster in not the best state with high mileage go for 15.000 CD A very good Brabus can cost as much as 22.000 CD. And the last Type off Roadsters are the special ones.....the collector editions. There was one for sale here about a month ago for 30.000 CD. If you look up a carsite like you will see that these prices are right. So comparing Roadster is not so easy,there are things to look for, for instance the extra's on a Roadster are quit expensive. A paddle shift steering will can cost 1000 CD. A nice set off wheels can cost you 2000 CD. So is it interesting to export a cheap problem car? I don't think so, Then I will only export one Roadster and that will be the end off the story. In my opinion there could be a market in Canada for Good low mileage full options 60kW Roadsters. I am now looking into the transport costs and stuff like that. Sorry for the bad Englisch... Greetings Theo Luwema
  4. Small drone video from our last meeting in July to get the Canadians warm for the Roadster Drone Video Smart Roadster
  5. We are looking into it to see if there is good business case. If I would export a Smart Roadster to Canada it would be a low mileage Roadster with full options. Off course there is a price for a Roadster like that. That's the same here in Europe, if you want to buy a decent Roadster there is a price tag on it. About the retractable soft top ........and the leakage..... In the UK they called the Roadster the "leakster".... Mercedes gave out a service Manuel about the leaks, and they can be fixed. The Smart Roadster is a fun Car ,and should be kept in the garage , and when the weather is nice........ Roof Down and look for the roads with a lots off bends (RobCDI) ......please don't compare the Smart Roadster with the MX5 or RX7
  6. Hello there Smart Lovers I'm Theo Luwema from the Netherlands and I drive a Smart Roadster. Mine is the one on the left. I just read this artikel about the fact that you Canadians can buy and drive Smart Roadsters! Roadster in Canada We are from Holland and have some Roadsters for export.Are there any Smart garage's in Canada how are interested in setting up a Export for the Smart Roadster?GreetingsTheo LuwemaNetherlands