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  1. And what is the starting price of Smart ED in Canada?Just curious
  2. I dont know either,but most Smart EDs 2012-2014 or such dont have batteries and you have to rent them every month for like 65 euros which is about 70 dollars. Im just curious,can you tell me how much is used Smart ED 2012-2014 in Canada? In Europe its about 7000 euros without battery,which you have to rent.Makes no logic,but people are making lots of many on cryptos so not many things are logical these days.
  3. I am thinking of buying used smart electric drive years 2012-2014,but I found out that none of them contains battery and needs battery to be rented every month from some smart car partner.Can anyone please tell me where can I buy in Central Europe a battery for smart and what would be the price?