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  1. I found out I have to keep it until atleast Oct. son gets his G license then (full privileges) otherwise if I got rid of it his insurance would jump from $2400 a year to $5057 a year. So it is cheaper to have and insure 4 cars for 3 drivers.🙄
  2. Well, this is a new revelation. I went out to move the car out of the garage this morning so I can fix a snowblower and the car really struggled to start and stay running. Got angry and drove down to the end of the driveway and universe is hard as I could and it seem to even everything out. Turn it off and turn it back on, started like there’s never been a problem. So I would say the final diagnosis of this was a bad crank position sensor. Total work time was maybe four hours but that’s a lot of digging around and not really being too serious about doing it. I did not lower the engineer all I did all the work from the top except when I was popping out the old one I Use the long prybar underneath to pop out the old one. Greased the new one pushed it in place which was quite hard surprisingly. Use the screw to seat the last half centimetre and done. All I did for Access was removed the upper EGR hose and cut some zip ties and move the Intercooler fan over. thanks for everyone’s help and suggestions.
  3. Well finally got around to something. Came across a good price on a crank pos. Sensor. 3 evenings and 4 beer total. Old out, new in, no change. Plus side is I have a new crank sensor. down side I finished with a freshly opened beer. Now I have to stand here and finish it before going up to bed and telling the wife it’s still not fixed. (Maybe not a bad thing) It still cranks for about 5 seconds before firing up.
  4. Low pressure is running, high-pressure is good just rebuilt it about a year and a half ago I think. No signs of leaks anywhere. Glow plugs were also just replaced A year ago I’ll go get a battery load tester from a friend and check to ensure the new battery I bought is good and not just a one off garbage one. however with the small cars I think you are right I probably should just boost it from the truck without the truck running. I needed to new rear tires so while I was at Mercedes I bought the new washers for the injectors. Once I get this fixed I think the car will be going for sale if you know anyone interested. No time to keep on the maintenance and too cheap to be taking it to a shop.
  5. Ok, hour and 40 minutes of my evening and only a single beer. Injectors out and cleaned and back in. I tested the spray patterns before and after with no noticeable difference. They seemed brand new. Installed and same issue. 5-6 seconds of cranking to start. I am leaning towards starter. I am going to roll it out of the garage tomorrow and boost it with the truck cold to see if it’s just needing more juice. Tomorrow evening will be another beer and car on ramps and starter inspection.
  6. Alternator was replaced not that long ago so I am hoping it’s not that. As for starter it is original and there I have not done any bypasses or pull down the Sam unit but from what I’ve seen it looks like it’s brand new under there right from the dealer. This week after work there’s gonna be a lot of investigating into this car.
  7. Working out the schedule of who needs a vehicle when and I will be able to pull injectors Tuesday after work. I will pull off the nozzles and use the ultrasonic cleaner on them. My question is this: I use my ultrasonic cleaner for reloading ammunition. I use hot water, a few drops of dawn dish soap (blue) and Lemishine dish detergent booster. This works great cleaning out carbon and deposits from inside of casings and primer pockets. What does everyone else use in their ultrasonics to clean injectors?
  8. Get ready for this story; 2005 450 my son took the car to work on the 31st. Stoped on the highway for some diesel and went to work. When he went to leave and go to his girlfriend house the car would only crank and not start. He called me because the battery couldn’t turn it any more, I had him leave the keys in it and grabbed my boat battery to go boost it. Boat battery would only crank it still. I could hear the low pressure pump working, I figured to try boosting directly off the truck. Came to life no problem. took it home and figured it has been weak in the winter so it’s probably time for a new battery. Went and picked up a new battery and installed. Plugged it in over night and came out the next morning and it was hard to start but it did start. son took it to his girlfriends place overnight and on the way there (after 45km driving) it lost power and CEL came on. He pulled over, turned it off and tried to turn it back on. Would only crank. After 15 minutes it started and he made it to his destination. The next morning the g/f father checked the code and it came up low fuel pressure. They tried to start it and it would only crank. They plugged it in again (plugging in I mean the cord on front) and I drove there to recover it. After 3 hours plugged in it still would only crank. I used a HD battery they had and it started. I brought it home and started working from easiest up, I changed the fuel filter, same issue, low pressure pump is working, high pressure CP1 was rebuilt about a year ago. it’s working now but it takes approx 5 seconds of cranking before it will start. I drove it to work (105 km) and turned it off. Turned it back on and it still took 5 seconds of cranking. It almost timed out but did start. mom down to thinking it may be the fuel pressure sensor or possibly glow plugs (changed about a year ago). Looking forward to everyone’s ideas and suggestions.
  9. Have the airbag light on. May need to make a deal with you after covid.
  10. I saw that on amazon a while ago. Figured it was some cheap piece of garbage and didn’t look any further after thinking to myself “neat tho”. if you say it is worth Investing in, I’m doing it tonight.
  11. Second Class Citizens definitely when we go to the dealerships. I’m only going with the hopes that they don’t charge to fix what they didn’t fix before. Otherwise I would go to Canadian Tire for an alignment. I will reach out to the members you quoted there. Fist full of dollars and Timmies gets someone a long ways.
  12. EGR is spotless, brake kleen and also the ultrasonic took care of that. Have not noticed anything wrong with the inter cooler. i have see people throw around the term remapping, is that dealer or performance shop work? Looked up the info online and evilution talks about buying software online. What’s my best option? Back in December just before Christmas I took my car to Mercedes Benz Barrie in a snowstorm to have the alignment done. The car came out straight but the steering wheel was cockeyed because they couldn’t “do a road test” because the weather was too bad. As soon as I got on the road I discovered that the steering wheel was still crooked and it needed to go back in. I played phone tag with one of the service reps for a couple weeks afterwards and then the virus hit and I have not been able to get it in. Now that things are opening up I’m gonna have to try and see if they’ll come good for fixing it.
  13. Ok, $460 Cdn delivered from Lithuania and 4 days to get here. Not too shabby. Painted the end of the actuator, greased the inside really well and had some high temp grease and added it onto the end of the actuator and the clutch fork pocket. Tightened it up with some pressure against the clutch fork. Went for a spin. Really gave it to her trying to make the 3 bars come back. Cannot do it. Manual or auto. Works great. the only thing o have noticed is I have a hard time getting up to 120 km/h. Yes, limit is 100 but the car is not doing what it should, could anything be related to the work I have performed? I shifted it into neutral before I got to my driveway and it coasted right along. Nothing dragging. My alignment is messed up more than a Kardashian reality program. Maybe after I have that fixed it will be good? Everyone, thank you once again for your support. The Dorkmobile rides again.
  14. Absolutely. Thanks. Looks like you are not that far away either. We will see how this goes when it arrives.
  15. Nothing on OARA. Ordered a new one on eBay. $412 and should be here by June 9th “allegedly” Thanks for all of your input.