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  1. Have the airbag light on. May need to make a deal with you after covid.
  2. I saw that on amazon a while ago. Figured it was some cheap piece of garbage and didn’t look any further after thinking to myself “neat tho”. if you say it is worth Investing in, I’m doing it tonight.
  3. Second Class Citizens definitely when we go to the dealerships. I’m only going with the hopes that they don’t charge to fix what they didn’t fix before. Otherwise I would go to Canadian Tire for an alignment. I will reach out to the members you quoted there. Fist full of dollars and Timmies gets someone a long ways.
  4. EGR is spotless, brake kleen and also the ultrasonic took care of that. Have not noticed anything wrong with the inter cooler. i have see people throw around the term remapping, is that dealer or performance shop work? Looked up the info online and evilution talks about buying software online. What’s my best option? Back in December just before Christmas I took my car to Mercedes Benz Barrie in a snowstorm to have the alignment done. The car came out straight but the steering wheel was cockeyed because they couldn’t “do a road test” because the weather was too bad. As soon as I got on the road I discovered that the steering wheel was still crooked and it needed to go back in. I played phone tag with one of the service reps for a couple weeks afterwards and then the virus hit and I have not been able to get it in. Now that things are opening up I’m gonna have to try and see if they’ll come good for fixing it.
  5. Ok, $460 Cdn delivered from Lithuania and 4 days to get here. Not too shabby. Painted the end of the actuator, greased the inside really well and had some high temp grease and added it onto the end of the actuator and the clutch fork pocket. Tightened it up with some pressure against the clutch fork. Went for a spin. Really gave it to her trying to make the 3 bars come back. Cannot do it. Manual or auto. Works great. the only thing o have noticed is I have a hard time getting up to 120 km/h. Yes, limit is 100 but the car is not doing what it should, could anything be related to the work I have performed? I shifted it into neutral before I got to my driveway and it coasted right along. Nothing dragging. My alignment is messed up more than a Kardashian reality program. Maybe after I have that fixed it will be good? Everyone, thank you once again for your support. The Dorkmobile rides again.
  6. Absolutely. Thanks. Looks like you are not that far away either. We will see how this goes when it arrives.
  7. Nothing on OARA. Ordered a new one on eBay. $412 and should be here by June 9th “allegedly” Thanks for all of your input.
  8. Thanks for the reply, I really needed to know if I needed to code to the vehicle. I know if my old BMW 328 even to change the battery I had to take it into the Dealer and have them register the battery to the car or the car would not charge it.
  9. Yeah rock auto was fairly pricey, Mercedes was almost $200 cheaper and I can still get one off of eBay brand new from Germany for $400 shipped. I called around to all the big wreckers I can think of in my area and no one has anything.
  10. Good day all, I have been having a lot of problems lately. Cleaned the EGR out and the turbo is spooling up again. Been there before so I knew that problem. Six months after buying the car I got the three bars of death once in the middle of an intersection at night so it was not a problem. Turn the car off turn it back on and it worked. This happened often on every couple of months for the next year. Then one day it happened multiple times, eventually I discovered I could drive the car in the standard mode and not have the problem. Now more recently it happens all the time no matter what mode I drive it in, automatic, manual, it happens a lot. I pulled off the actuator to inspect the clutch fork, it is in good condition. So it’s leading me to believe it is the actuator. All electrical connections are good condition no breaks in the wires. Upon taking off the actuator Two bolts broke into the transmission housing. That’s a future me problem. (Yes I soaked it with liquid wrench before hand. I have not washed it enough through the winter and I’ve been breaking quite a few bolts) the actuator mounting flanges also broke and crumbled away. My real issue is if I purchase a new actuator I’ve read in a few places that they are coded to the vehicle. Is this true? Or can I order a new one through eBay from Germany plug it in in align it to the correct position and just go? 2005 Smart CDI 110,000km Thank you everyone for the help.
  11. Thanks. That is what I was thinking it was. Really wanted to avoid touching it unless that was the problem.
  12. *Side Note* I am going to be checking all grounding straps here soon. I have been going through all the recent posts and I have not found any wire chafing by the intercooler either.
  13. The "Dorkmobile" has been running fairly well. 210 KM commute 5 days a week. It started off 18 months ago. I got the 3 bars in the middle of the city. Luckily it was at night. Turned car off and on, went away and i kept on going. It would happen once every 4-6 months. lately it has been bad. Driving I can almost tell when it will happen. The car shifts real hard. Like a 16 year old first time with a clutch. It happened 8 times in 10 KM two weeks ago. I had to pull over. Rock the car a few times to reset back to neutral and off I would go. One time it was seized in position for 10 minutes before going into neutral. I have learned that this 3 bars do NOT occur when i am using the car in manual. Only in automatic. Since driving in manual it has been smooth and no problems. Looking forward to all the assistance.
  14. Selling the bumper assembly I bought from wrecker. For 2005 Smart 450 CDI Passion. I hit a raccoon and shattered The right side of bumper cover. Went to wrecker and bought a new one. When they delivered it, it came with the whole structure foam insert and wiper trim pieces. Would like someone to get a good deal before I take it to scrap dealer. Also front bumper assembly with good centre and left side.
  15. Yes. 7/32 drill bit embedded into an old glow plug