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  1. Everything is apart however the pump does not want to pull off the engine.... is it a tight fit onto the side of the engine? I am about to use a piece of wood and dead blow hammer to loosen it but I don’t know how it is attached. All 3 bolts are out, 2 Input fuel lines and rigid high pressure line all removed.
  2. I noticed mine was leaking by the yellow slushy snow below it after running for a while (-40 c) while cleaning off the vehicles. I thought it was a coolant leak because the drips hanging under the engine looked blue like the coolant. I figured the yellow was the coolant reacting with the asphalt on the driveway. Couldn’t figure out why coolant was over there (hence the thread title) figured it out after finally taking a sample in a dish and trying to ignite it. life got busy with a new bay and all and this job went to the back burner. Hoping to start Saturday and finish Sunday. Driving the truck to work and back Monday to Friday is costing me $170 (cad) a week compared to the $50 with my smart. Hope to be done soon.
  3. Ok, just received the parts. Disassembly to start tonight. Updates to follow. They came much faster than anticipated.
  4. Just checked $35 for the rebuild kit by X8R
  5. Update: Waiting on parts from Miami. ETA 9 Feb She will have to sit in the garage until then. Maybe I will take the doors off and take them to work and paint them. A few body panels at a time.
  6. Excellent information from all. I see a lot of repeat screen names from other threads so I am confident this information is Accurate. As soon as I saw CP1 I knew what I needed. I was just searching with the Bosch number and getting different pumps for everything. From a sprinter, to BMW, Mercedes, and Renault. Thanks for the help all. I am checking into sending it away to a pump rebuilder. If it will be much cheaper with just buying the seals I will go that route and take it to the clean room at work for rebuild. Once again thanks to all for the help. I will update with repairs as they are done.
  7. Can anyone direct me to where to buy the rebuild kit? Mercedes said all they have is a new high pressure pump for $1200.
  8. Years working with chemicals had made my sense of smell less that perfect. I am fairly certain it is now diesel. Coming from what I would guess is the fuel pump on the left side of the engine. I am about to pull off the EGR to get better access and while I am in there I willing order the parts tomorrow to do a rebuild.
  9. I forgot about that line. It may be the steel gasket too. I’ll check tomorrow. Thanks.
  10. I bought my first smart CDI this September. It had only 49,000km. End of October I had a clogged EGR and cleaned that up with no problems and now I have my second issue with the car. It has developed a coolant leak off of the left (drivers) side of the engine. It comes down onto the intercooler hose connected to the turbo, across the rear suspension in the center of the frame and onto the ground. Can anyone tell me what would be carrying coolant on that side of the engine?