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  1. Hi all just joined up to this. But going to ask some help just done a complete rebuild on a 600 engine. 2002 car after it had burnt a valve out , before the strip down engine would run ,accelerate ,and drive the car although it was running on 2 cylinders . completed rebuild and put it back into the car .she started up quite well after a few turns on the starter It ticks over really nice and has run up to temperature on idle speed ,I never rev an engine till it’s run at idle power for a while , problem is I have no acceleration the gas pedal is not responsive. To rev the engine. The car goes into gear 1 and reverse while in gear pressing the accelerator pedal makes the car try to move ie the clutch is getting a signal from the gas pedal I have tried diagnostics with DS125 Delphi cars I am getting fault code P0120 throttle circuit A fault .Removed the throttle actuator and cleaned it measured resistance on it and i get good readings as I move the gear I’ve checked all the connectors are on thier sensors around the engine the only thing I question is the alternator for some reason when I got the car as a non runner the alternator belt had been removed I’ve read some stuff about replacing an alternator can chuck up a fault with the throttle Any help on this very much appreciated