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  1. I guess I’d have to weld one on ? If possible honestly I also thought of a straight pipe but all I need to know is which parts fo buy like how the assembly would be and I’d build from there so if anyone had any insight would be appreciated
  2. Figured it out anyway this is the exhaust I was thinking of installing any thoughts
  3. I don’t know how to reply individually but want to say thank you all very much for the smart car wisdom! Appreciate it will keep you guys posted I emailed Eddy from flying tiger it’s not to far from me so I’ll check it out , have a good day guys thanks
  4. Thanks man , I’ve been looking all over for an exshaust haven’t had very much luck would you know where I could get one ?
  5. How’s it going , just bought my first smart car , 2005’cdi Fortwo I think it’s a pure , I’m. Not expecting it to be fast and furious but I’d like to put an exshaust on it , preferably catback if possible and some rims , I’ve read forums that a remap might be to much for the car to handle , will an exshaust be a problem ?, insight would be appreciated thanks