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  1. Here is the way it could be done with new pipe.
  2. What about a bike shorty? Or a tube glasspack design with a step inside it.....too late for you now, but as a thought process? Plus the oxygen sensor is it before all cats...? If so, has anyone thought about guting the cat? Yes I do realize this isn't correct legally speaking etc etc, it's just a Cats do get plugged also. I did see someone in the states doing this.....and i saw it was a two staged cat, so you could always take just half of it out, if that was you wishes..? I also fully realize it's next to impossible unless you have a good exhaust pipe bended to get close ratio bends......unless you love to weld offense... The only reason I'm asking is sooner or later we all must walk down this road seeing as this is a known issue for the can's seam to split, so why not find a fix other than the stock costs...? Augh.....the good old days of the Thrush it! Yes there are probably better muffler options. I picked this up at Canadian Tire. The Cat was in the old muffler so I don't have a Cat now. It still passed the emissions test. I might revisit this fix at a later date. But for now it's doing the job. Plus I like the sound.
  3. I think purpose of heat wrap is to hide chicken welds. As stated earlier The old pipes were pretty rusty and thin. Anyway it works great and it cost little.
  4. sticks out kind of low and im curious whats hiding under the heat wrap muffler is reversible is there any reason why you didnt go with a horizontal mounting using upper as an inlet and the middle as an outlet with an added down spout ? The bottom outlet is just above the tubular frame bottom. So it should be okay for clearance. The heat wrap was put on to cover the very rusty original and thin pipes from the old muffler. I could have done a nicer job using new metal. The muffler could not go the other way around due to clearance issues.
  5. I'll post a sound clip tomorrow. It sounds really sporty. vroom vroom
  6. This is a diesel CDI, The original muffler was plugged solid. This caused pressurization of the engine sump causing oil to blow out the seals. New muffler remedied the oil leak and it runs and sounds great. MB wanted 700 for a new one of course. This cost me 150 and it passed the emissions test.
  7. Remove old Muffler Cut-off Old Pipes (2) from muffler to reuse weld pipes together and keep flanged end Install pipe to muffler using flange and bolts Install new thrush muffler using reducer fittings from 1 7/8 OD down to 1 1/2 OD and weld or clamp together Use existing support bracket and make 3/4 by 1/8 steel and bolt it to existing bracket Require some mods to end of bracket for bolting strap enjoy your new sound and better performance Cost is around $ 150 plus your time Muffler is Thrush Turbo Model 17704 at Canadian Tire or Online
  8. After 100 hours of work I finally passed my safety check.